Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All Funked Out

Well, the voting and judging is done at the Funk It Up contest, and it does appear that I am holding on to first place by one point! Nothing is official yet, and who knows it there aren't some more secret points for something to be awarded, so I will just wait and see what happens. It was an amazingly fun contest. I enjoyed stretching myself each week, and it was even better because I had so many friends playing along too. Amy, Cass and Robin Forman came out with spots at the top of the pack as well.
The week 6 challenge was to scrap something about a secret. All I could think of was of my secret chocolate stash I keep for myself, so Confessions of a Chocoholic was born. I get a craving every time I look at this LO....
journaling: I admit it, I'm a chocoholic. I'll eat chocolate in any form, for any occasion, anywhere and any time! I have my favorites, but really whatever is on hand will do. Especially during 'that time' of the month. I make chocolate chip cookies so that I can snitch a bit of the dough and chips from the bowl. If I've got a craving and I don't have anything in my secret chocolate stash, I'll go grab a bag of chocolate chips from the pantry and satisfy my craving that way.
Papers from Cinnamon by Jen Reed at;
page curl filter by Mac;
On the Edge photo cluster frame set by Nancy Comelab at MyDigitalMuse;
chocolate chip cookies by myself, the rest of the chocolate photos are from StockXchange;
Shabby ribbon and ribbon knot by Christina Renee at FunkyPlayground;
box of chocolate word art by Angie Briggs;
brown chipboard alpha by Meredith Fenwick;
Bohemian Peddler Elements by Krista Mettler and Jessica Bolton at scrapbookgraphics: newsprint alpha, hat pin, bent staples, flower, buttons, old paper
fonts: Vintage Typewriter, FG Amelia

and here is a LO I started over the weekend and finally finished up last night. Sarah out enjoying the Spring warmth and sunshine in the backyard.
journaling: Sarah was so happy to be outside. She went from one toy and chair to another, sitting in them, getting up, and then doing it all over again. She would look over at me from the chairs and just grin.
credits: Simply Lovely Papers One and Just Fun Alpha Stamps by Correen Silke at; Cardboard Bits Broken Hearts and Cord Crazy Shapes, Lines and Alpha by Kim Jensen at; tag from Calista collection by Jeanine Baechtold at; Flowers by Correen Silke and Jen Reed; photoframe by Nancy Comelab at MyDigitalMuse; Easy Peasy Corner Fold template by Karah Fredricks; fonts: 2Peas Hot Chocolate

Well, I'm off to litter the galleries with chocolate goodness and spread the cravings! have a great day everyone!

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Anonymous AmyK said...

Here's my secret, Melinda - everytime I see your chocolate layout, it reminds me of how allergic to chocolate I am and I start getting a headache. LOL! But it was an awesome page, as are all the rest you did for Funk It Up! Congrats on your big win!! Now if only they'd announce it so we could see what you won. ;)

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Jen Reed said...

OH!!! I love when my papers are used to scrap about CHOCOLATE!!! WOO HOO! Hmmm... note to self... must go find some chocolate to eat now... LOLOL!

Congrats again on winning Melinda. Awesome layouts!

3:11 PM  

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