Tuesday, April 10, 2007

too much eggcitement over the weekend

journaling: I didn't get any good pictures at the egg hunt at church this year. As is typical of spring in Colorado, it was very cold and snowy so the egg hunt had to be held inside again. Brenna wasn't obeying Mark when it was time to leave, so he wouldn't let her stay to find eggs. Sarah got so tired of waiting for it to start once she saw the eggs in the sanctuary that she was very upset and wouldn't pick up any of the eggs when it finally did start. The big kids were in another room and I was stuck dealing with a fussing and crying baby so I couldn't go in there to try and get pictures of them. The kids hid a few of our eggs for Brenna when we got home.
credits: by Christina Renee at Funky Playground: Dream Solids Brights, Easter Chipboard, Egglets, Shabby Ribbons; Funky Playground Designs Funk That Spring; Mesh and tape from Home by Jessica Bolton at Scrapbookgraphics; masking tape by Krista Mettler from Eczentric at Scrapdish; Pop alpha by Holly McCaig at MyDigitalMuse; On the Edge photocluster by Nancy Comelab at MyDigitalMuse; circle stitches by Karen Hunt
fonts: 2Peas Hot Chocolate

The rest of the weekend went pretty well. It was quiet for the most part, which I do not count as a bad thing ;) We discovered Saturday evening that the local McD's now have RedBox DVD rental kiosks outside them and have enjoyed watching movies the last 3 evenings. We were looking for Eragon and didn't have any luck the first two nights, so we watched Cinderella 3 and Charlotte's Web instead. We finally got a copy of Eragon and watched that last night. It was OK- I think they did a pretty good adaption of it for the length of the movie, but they just left so much out. As Mark put it when it was over- there wasn't enough time to do any character development, so you didn't care when one of the main characters died. There just wasn't any real scope of how much they went through to get to where they were at the end of the movie either. It just needed to be longer. I definately recommend the book, not so much the movie.

This is the only other LO I got done this weekend- the next page for the circle journal I'm in. I keep getting comments about all of the blending - TracyAnn did all of the work folks! LOL I just plopped a few of her gorgeous items on my page and was done. I just love beautiful, easy pages like this! I have had a vision of what I wanted this page to look like for a long time and never could find what I wanted. Then Amy started scrapping with TracyAnn's stuff and I finally found what I needed. I don't usually buy things full-price, but in this case it was worth it! When I pulled out the envelope with the symphony picture in it I found one of the programs in there too- it was one Daddy had put together for the group. I've got more stuff in there, so I will have to work up another page to go with this, I think.
journaling: Music in many forms has always been, and will always be, a huge part of my life. I have participated in making music since I started talking- singing nursery rhymes and other childhood songs, singing along with all of the TV commercials as a child, learning to play the piano, oboe and clarinet, and being a part of choirs, ensembles and bands and symphonies of all sizes and styles. Making music is a part of who I am. My favorite musical moments have always been when I am performing with a group. There is something about working in synchronized harmony with the other members to create something complicated and wonderful to the ears that I have not been able to match in any other activity. I haven't been part of a group like this for many years now, but I dream of being able to find a group to participate in someday down the road.
credits: by TracyAnn Robinson at SBB: Peek-a-boo notepaper, Paraphenalia tags and charms 1, Paraphenalia hinged butterflies, pin, Take Two photomats number 3; glitter doodle arrow from Spring Chick by Dani Mogstad and Dawn Stocsill at SweetShoppeDesigns
fonts: TXT Delicate Script

I'm evidently needed upstairs to fix something that has gone wrong with the computer - Brenna is calling me. I've got a few pictures of coloring eggs that maybe I'll get put up soon.

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Wow, both of these layouts ROCK! I love the grass at the bottom of the Easter one, and the music layout is simply dreamy!!!! :)

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