Friday, March 09, 2007

My Scrap Corner and some more FUNKiness!

Where did the week go?? Here's what I did a couple of days ago for Jess Bolton's blog challenge on scrapping your scrapping space (heehee!) I went with the 'scrap' theme and used bits and pieces from a bunch of stuff I've got on my HD and hadn't used yet.
journaling: This is my corner, where I sit and scrap the hours away. I sometimes have to share and move to the table, but most of the time it is all mine. It’s my favorite spot in the whole house.

credits: Bren Taylor Boone: Lil Something blog freebie; Sandra Boddington: blue paper from click a sig freebie, and pink floral paper from Oh So Sweet paper pack; Cindy Wyckoff: cream paper from Studio6 paper pack; Corina Nielson: folded ribbon; Christina Renee: striped shabby ribbon; flowers by: Cristina Renee, Amanda Rockwell, Christy Lyle, Dani Mostad, and Bren Taylor Boone; flower sticker from Oh So Sassy by Mindy Terasawa; Rubon Action by Atomic Cupcake; notepaper from A Touch of Pink by Jen Reed at Scrapdish; stitching by Dani Mogstad from Spring Chick; Shabby Frame by Amanda Roberts; Click-a-Sig LO sketch by Suzy Nunes
alphas: S- Circus Days blog freebie by Jessica Bolton; C- mini button alpha by Eve Recinella; R- Coffee Talk alpha by Mish Gasser at PlainDigitalWrapper; A- Rainy Days and MOndays alpha by Dani Mogstad; P- green glitter alpha by Meredith Fenwick; handstamped alpha by Michelle Coleman; fonts: FG Gabriella

and the voting is done for the second challenge in the Funk It Up contest, so I can share my entry from last week now. I'm not sure where exactly this one came from, but it was fun! LOL We had to make a LO finishing the phrase "Someday I'm going to...." I call this one 'Someday Science'
journaling: Someday I am going to find a use for the graduate science degree that I spent so many years earning. Right now my family needs me at home more than I need to work. By the time I actually do start looking for a job, I am sure my science skills will be so badly out of date that some creativity in job hunting will be in order. The right opportunity will present itself when it is supposed to.
credits: papers by Michelle Coleman, Linda GilBildal, and Lisa Whitney from the Wintersong kit at used to create the background, science brushes from, Polaroid frame alpha by Amanda Lacey (mandabean) at SweetShoppeDesigns; Fun felt circles by Amy Martin at; flowers and heart brads from Crazy Love kit by Dani Mogstad at ; fonts: FG Freja (and SBC jazzed)

I've got my challenge 3 entry done and sent in- you'll just have to wait to see that next week ;)
It seems like I'm in a perpetual state of feeling like I am behind lately. It's not that I really am, as I still seem to be able to get things done before or when they are due, but I don't have as much 'flex time' as I would like. It seems like I am constantly running around trying to keep the kids out of trouble instead of being able to sit for any length of time and get things done. Sarah seems to have radar to every pencil, marker and crayon that the older kids leave anywhere within reaching distance of her little hands. My walls, kitchen floor and funiture need some clean up work. I'm off to try and eat lunch! have a great day everyone!

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Blogger AmyK said...

I love those funky layouts, Melinda! You just get quirkier and quirkier every day. ;) I love it!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like I am always behind. Emma goes for pens and pencils too, they are her favorite things in the world. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, or I'd have to repaint the whole house!

2:20 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

The layouts are fabulous, Melinda. I absolutely LOVE the science one. So very cool!

Kaylee went through that marker, etc. phase too. In fact one day when Matthew was doing some kindergarden homework (so Kaylee would have been 2), we had some various pens and markers out just to compare sizes. Suddenly I noticed that the red Sharpie was gone and Kaylee was being way too quiet. I found her in my room, having used the Sharpie to write on the back cover of one of our Childcraft books. Thank goodness it wasn't the walls or furniture! These days she gets very upset when she sees that anyone has scribbled in any of our library books and doesn't quite believe that she's the one who marked up that Childcraft book! LOL

8:44 PM  
Blogger Julie Ann Shahin said...

Cool layouts!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Sorry I haven't been blogging, I'm having the worst time keeping up with all I need to do lately. You are doing great with those Funky challenges, can't wait to see what you have cooked up for this week!!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melinda, this is so cool! I love, love, love this one!!!

7:43 AM  

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