Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oh the disappointment!!

Oh the minty goodness! I can taste it now..... and I was SSOOOOOO close to actually getting one when we went to lunch at McDs yesterday after dropping off the twins at a birthday party for their good friend Caitlin (Becky outdid herself on the cake and minicakes again this year!). I was in charge of ordering and while I was standing there pondering how much food we were going to need since we were 2 kids short this trip, I saw the Shamrock Shake sign up on the board! I ordered a large with all of the other food since I figured I was going to have to share. I paid and was waiting for it all to be served up when the gal called me back over and started apologizing for not remembering that the shake machine was not working and that the guy called in to fix it earlier had just made it worse. So, no shamrock shake for me yesterday :( I guess I will just have to take Brenna and Sarah out sometime this week for lunch.

In honor of my favorite St. Patty's treat I decided to make it my green avatar at RAKscraps this month and while out searching for an image, I came across a wonderful page in celebration of the minty goodness by Mystie. Not only did she have several images of the shake, but she found a commercial from 1979 featuring Grimace's Irish uncle, Uncle O'Grimacey, who is out painting everything green in honor of the return of the Shamrock Shake. What a blast from the past LOL! If you want to go check it out yourself, you can find her page HERE.
You will need RealPlayer to view the commercial- you can get a free version of that here.

and if you can't find a McD's in your area serving up this once a year treat, then you can make a clone at home. You can find a recipe to whip one up here.



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