Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing much exciting going on at our house. We don't usually do much for Valentines. I got out the boxes of candy hearts and some other goodies for the kids while they were at school so it was all waiting when they got home/got up from naptime. Yes, we got the packages MommyPat and Momma- and the stuff was put out today.

I've done three layouts in the last few days- a couple are kind of funky LOL The first was for Robin's Day 1 RAKweek challenge on Heroes
Credits HERE

This one was for day 2 and the Jessica Bolton Eclectic team blog challenge:
credits HERE
It's not too often I can figure out how to put pink on a layout about my hubby ;)

and a LO with Rachel's lovely kit, Devotion, available at Scrapdish:
credits HERE

and there was this little folded card project I posted on the Girltalk blog late last night. You can go see the instructions for them here. Becky posted the cutest craft project with the set of QPs we are giving out right after my post- you have to go see that too!

and lastly, I've been doing a little designing. I needed something to give the nightowls this weekend, so I came up with these:

The natives are getting restless, so I guess I had better go find something for dinner. I was sort of hoping we could go out for pizza or something, but DH still isn't home from work and it is getting late. They are going to start revolting if it doesn't look like I am trying to make something soon.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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