Thursday, February 01, 2007

since I just lost everything I was working on....

I might as well blog before I go start dinner.
Sarah is fascinated with the computers. That's not a surprise, given the fact that there is at least one person on a computer at any given time in our house. She likes to climb up in my chair when I get up to do something and play with my trackball and punch the keys. I was helping an old paper scrapbook customer with some things (yeah! some more stuff out of my closet and money in my scrapping wallet!! teehee- that rhymes LOL) and Sarah had to come help me with the LO I was working on that had a picture of her on it. She knows just what combination of keys to punch to mess everything up- I had to close Elements down because it was locked up- couldn't even save it. I'm not terribly heartbroken this time- I've been fiddling with it for a while and was on my second attempt at a LO and was still unhappy with it. But, that isn't always the case.

So, instead of showing you what I did today, I'll show you what I did yesterday and the evening before! :)
I found this tag accordian display kit on clearance at HobbyLobby after Christmas- actually I found 2. I used 3 of the kits (L to R-Puppy Love, Stolen Kisses, and Quiet Moments) from the This Love Collection by Dani Mogstad- which is now at SweetShoppe as well as DesignbyDani. The kids have been wanting to have some pics of Granddaddy posted around the house and I thought this would be a cute way to do it. I will use the other 3 kits to do the second tag display with some more current photos. I think the whole project turned out very nicely and it was easy to do too! It came with papers and some embellishments I didn't use, so I will probably just give those to the kids for some project.

Oh, and Bryce did just fine with the dental work the other night. I was definately the one more worked up about it. I have him some ibuprofen before bed that night and when I asked him if he needed more before he left for school the next morning he said no, he didn't. He hasn't complained at all about it. Who knows why that one tooth wouldn't come out on it's own, the root was practically gone. I guess it would have fallen out eventually. Now we are just waiting to see what happens with the permanent tooth. If it doesn't start moving into place on its own, then we will have to get him to an orthodontist.

I guess I will go see what I can find for dinner and get the dishwasher loaded and running. Maybe I'll be inspired and can actually scrap that picture this evening, or maybe I'll just try to scrap a different one since that wasn't working for me today.


Blogger Kim said...

LOL I think you need to get yourself a seatbelt that won't let you out of your chair without saving your work. ;)

The tag frame thingy is really fun!

Glad to hear Bryce did well at the dentist. Matthew may be having an extraction in a week as well. He's got a stubborn one that just doesn't want to come out. The appointment is set. We're just hoping it comes out on its own before then, because the out-of-pocket cost is ridiculous!

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