Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Tracy!

I hope you had a fantabulous, wonderful day!

It was just a lazy day at home today with everyone here, and then we went out for dinner at our favorite buffet place. I spent most of my time doing gallery 'cleaning' at RAKs and Scrapdish- moving older layouts around at RAKs into albums so that they are easier to find, and getting some of my layouts with Robin's stuff uploaded to the gallery at SD and then going through the all of my LOs there and updating the store links for the kits because they all changed when they switched to the new shopping cart. I'm glad that is all done now!

Tomorrow after dance lessons, Becky and I are going up to Denver to look for birthday party supplies. It is a bit early for my kids' birthdays, but Becky's first birthday parties are in just a couple of weeks. It's always nice to have a lot of the planning done for year, so I don't mind tagging along. It is amazing how much the store inventories between here and Denver vary, even for the same chains. We always find a few things up there that we hadn't seen in the Springs before. After that it is the usual 'clean up the house' mantra. One of Mark's old friends is coming through town next week and on the off-hand chance he and his family actually come to our house instead of just meeting somewhere in town, we need to get a bunch of cleaning done. Whoo hoo- so exciting! (NOT)


Blogger my2boys said...

thank you so much love. It was a great day. what time should I be over today so I can go with you guys,lol. That will be a fun trip...let us know what you guys get. And don't you just love cleaning??? It is the besttttt. notttt. hehehe

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