Sunday, March 04, 2007

Attitude and Bellybutton Love

In keeping with the March green thing, here's a green LO I created for the 2nd bonus challenge in the Funk It Up contest (here's a link to where it is just for you Kim: forum and gallery).
journaling: Brenna can be one sassy child when she doesn’t get her way- throwing a tantrum like no other person in our family. When she is in a good mood, she can be the sweetest child on the planet though. That’s our Brenna. -picture taken August 10, 2006
credits: all elements by Dani Mogstad: from Bewitched: background paper, alpha, glitter frames, glass star, stitching, and green mesh; Crazy Love: heart patterned paper, pink stitched heart and heart brads; Hard @ Play: green floral paper; green felt circle from Handstitched alpha; Creative Crops shapes; Scraplift of Angie's (chic_mama) 'Sweet Beth' LO at DST; fonts: CK script

and a LO I did for Holly McCaig's popbytes contest on her blog. I think it turned out cute- love the bright colors and fun elements on this- perfect for pics of 2 little girls having a good time laughing with each other.
journaling: I heard the best giggles coming from the kitchen after dinner and had to go find out what was happening- Sarah was poking Brenna’s belly button and Brenna was giggling saying that it tickled. Sarah thought that it was the funniest thing and kept doing it over and over, giggling right along with her.
credits: by Holly McCaig: Popbytes Contest kit, Love popbyte, jumpring and tag from Shabby Meadows kit; scalloped photo mat by myself
fonts: SF Happiness and 2Peas Hot Chocolate

The only other LO I've done since I last posted here I can't show you quite yet because it was for the second Funk It Up challenge. Let's just say that this one makes my first funky LO look tame! LOL I'll post it in a couple of days for you after the voting is over. I'm not quite sure where this all is coming from, but it is kind of fun to explore ;)

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Blogger Johanna said...

Cute pages! I've got a little girl with sass too :) I'm also now wanting a shamrock shake but I don't think they'll have them at the McD's here, but it's a good excuse to go and pick up dinner anyway ;)

9:50 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

LOL Thanks for the links, Melinda. Love the layouts. Your second round entry is super-cool!!

8:58 AM  

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