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That was the sound of my Tuesday disappearing before I barely even knew it had arrived! The kids are on spring break this week and next, and I have been looking forward to being able to sleep in a bit in the mornings. I let Sarah dictate when I get up on these days, well she didn't get up until noon yesterday so neither did I! I got up for a minute or 2 a couple of times to mediate in some fighting going on downstairs after DH left for work, but since Sarah was still asleep I just went back to bed each time. I was a bit shocked to crack my eyes open and see that the clock said it was almost 12 and Sarah still wasn't up. I pried myself out of bed and went and woke Sarah up too. After feeding myself and everyone lunch and spending a few minutes (OK, it was more like an hour) reading a book, we made our weekly trip to the library. Then, it was time to make dinner and clean up. Finally after dinner I got to sit down and check email and finish up a couple of LOs I had started working on the day before. It was an incredibly busy weekend and I guess we were just both worn out! Sarah has a runny nose and sounds a bit congested too, so she is a bit sick as well and I'm sure that contributed to her needing some extra rest. Not having adjusted to the time change yet isn't helping either.

Saturday was a day of running from one thing to the next. I took the girls to dance in the morning, and then got a few hours at home to clean up a bit and scrap a bit. Mid-afternoon I went to a friends' wedding. Anna and Daryl actually got married two years ago in a civil ceremony at the courthouse when Daryl was home in between deployments to Iraq (he has been on two deployments to Iraq so far, one 9 months and one 1 year long). Anna had always planned to have a church ceremony with all of the trimmings on their first anniversary, but the second deployment came sooner than expected and that didn't work out. Well, finally they were able to have the wedding. It was wonderful and beautiful and everything a wedding should be.
Have you ever seen a streth Hummer before? perfect for an Army wedding! :)
Congrats to you Anna! I was so glad to be able to be there to help you celebrate.
I had to eat and run from the reception to meet my family to attend the Disney on Ice Monsters, Inc. show. That was fun. I honestly don't know how the people wore all of the elaborate costumes, stayed upright, and didn't run into each other! Sarah didn't care too much for the monsters part of the show as I don't think she had seen the movie before that afternoon, but she loved seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald, and Goofy come out at the beginning, middle and end. I took soooo many pictures again this year. I put together a LO with some of the best.
(Click on the pic to see it larger)
credits and journaling can be seen HERE

and I will finish up with showing off the other CT LOs that I got done this weekend in no particular order. I really did get a lot accomplished!
credits and journaling can be seen HERE
credits and journaling can be seen HERE

Tracy let me know that Bren Boone was starting guest CT spots in April, so I jumped right on that call and was accepted. This is my first LO with her designs- love the bright colors and textures on these papers, and I think the clothespin element is just too cute! I also used some of Mish's cute elements too :)
credits and journaling can be seen HERE

This was my first full LO for the Sophia Sarducci CT- love their new Easter kit! It was perfect for these pics. (The Monsters, Inc LO above was my second LO for them)
credits and journaling can be seen HERE

This LO uses Audra's newest kit, Boys Will Be Boys. The colors are perfect for boys of all ages and the paper airplane element is so cute! I snapped this photo Saturday night at the ice show.
credits and journaling can be seen HERE

Can you believe that the twins were this small once upon a time? I pulled this photo out of the photo album to use with Jen's wonderful A Touch of Pink kit at Scrapdish. It was perfect- pink, but not overly so- to go with the girls in their pink outfits (those are preemie size they are wearing) and the teddy bears in the background.
credits and journaling can be seen HERE

I'm off to work on a few more CT tasks! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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Anonymous AmyK said...

That bride is gorgeous, and the Hummer is way too cool. I can't believe how many teams you are on now, and you keep cranking out these absolutely gorgeous layouts... how do you do it all??? Fabulous work, Melinda. :)

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