Monday, June 11, 2007

Baby Bird Rescue #2

I took a couple of bags of garbage out to the garbage cans this morning and thought I would go take a peek at the nest and see if either Mama or Daddy Robin were around anywhere. I was hoping to get a hint of whether any of the babies were still up there in the nest. As I get near the tree I don't see the nest up where it should be, so I look down and what do I see?
This little guy was looking up at me from down in the grass and the nest was laying next to him. The wind has been pretty steady again today and the nest was knocked down again. This nest has been up in the tree since last year, at least, so I don't know why it keeps falling out of its cradle in the branches. Maybe having baby birds moving around in it makes it unsteady? I put little bird back in the nest and went to get my kids so they could see him before I put back up in the tree again.

We asked the neighbor kids if they wanted to see the baby bird, and were told "we did this morning." huh? It turns out the nest had fallen out of the tree earlier and they had put it back up in the branches, and now it had fallen down again. There were 2 baby birds this morning they said. Only one little bird to be found now. There are quite a few cats that roam the neighborhood, so maybe one of them became a mid-morning snack? So, out of the 4 baby birds that hatched sometime last week, we are now down to one. He's bigger than before and his feathers are starting to come in now, so hopefully we can keep an eye on him and help this little bird fly out of the nest in the next few weeks.
After oohing and ahhing over him a few minutes more, I got a tall ladder out and put the nest back up in the tree. I wedged it in there really well, so I guess we will see if it stays put for a while. Here's hoping anyway!



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