Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dance rehearsal pictures

The twins' dress rehearsal went pretty well last night. They played the wrong piece of music for them - it was a longer version of the song with a part in the middle that isn't in the piece the girls are used to dancing to- so there was a bit of confusion for about 30 seconds. The girls hung in there though and started back in to the dance when it got to a familiar part. Considering nothing like that has happened to them before, I think they handled it really well. Mark had made an extra copy of the music CD for Beth to take to school last week for a little talent show their class did and she had that in her dance bag, so she gave it to her teacher to use tomorrow night. Toni had the class run through the dance for her down in the dressing room with Beth's CD and was assured that they all knew the dance. So, hopefully that is all straightened out and things will go smoothly during the performance.

It was neat to see some of the other dancers performances- this dance school teaches a really wide variety of styles. Everything from breakdancing/hip hop, to tumbling, to pointe ballet. We were at the rehearsal for 3 hours yesterday- and that was only for the first half of Friday's show! If the second half is as long as the first, I think the whole thing will be 4 hours long tomorrow night. The twins are in the first half of the show, so I think we will take two cars and Mark can take Bryce and the younger girls home at intermission. Beth and Carissa won't get to see the first half of the show at all since they have to stay down in the dressing room until intermission, so I will stay for the second half of the show with them. I learned we can't videotape the actual performance ourselves, so I guess I will be seeing if they are selling copies of the professionally videoed performance tomorrow night. I passed on ordering one when I paid for pictures at the dance studio a couple of weeks ago because it cost so much, but I thought we could video their dance performance ourselves. I think it will be good for the girls to be able to see some of what the other dance classes have done so they can make a better decision about what classes they want to take next year.

So, here are the pictures I took last night during the rehearsal. They are in a western 'scene'- a bunch of the classes did dances to country music this year and the stage is set up like a dance area at a hoedown. A couple of the classes sit in the back like an audience the whole time, the 'big girls' (the advanced dancers) are pretending to be a band and one of the teachers is pretending to be the person singing the songs for the dancers.

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Anonymous Cassie said...

Well, you know what they say about a bad dress rehearsal!! Sounds like heaps of fun - all the best for the night :)

5:46 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

So fun! Great pics! They're too cute!

8:14 PM  

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