Wednesday, May 23, 2007

can't scrap tonight, so I might as well get caught up here

I have so much I need to do, but I can't scrap tonight. My computer is busy putting all of my digital pictures into ACDSee 9. Just getting this far has been an all evening endeavor! and why am I doing this finally after thinking about and contemplating it for months? Mark is going to take a class in Orlando the first full week of June and he needs a laptop computer so he can do the homework in the evenings. His boss said he could use his government issued one- he brought it in today and there is no way that it will run Matlab. It has Windows NT and only 300 something MB RAM on it. So, guess who gets to donate her laptop for his use during this? yep, his ever-loving wife. It's making a me a bit nauseous thinking about being without it for a week! Yes, I have another computer sitting right next to me that I can use, but it isn't 'mine' and nothing is setup on it. So, I have to get everything backed up and clean off the HD so that he might actually be able to load the program on it... so, I am delving into the land of ACDsee this evening. I hope it doesn't screw everything up!!!! and I am praying that another alternative to my DH running off to FL with my baby comes around before he has to leave LOL Maybe I can convince him to go buy himself one of his own, since he keeps talking about that anyway.

We're down to 1.5 days of school. The 5th grade has pretty much been done with school work for over a week and each day has been one fun activity after another. Field day was today, and at least the rain held off long enough for them to do it. Tomorrow is a picnic, whatever that means- maybe eating lunch outside LOL? I didn't see a note saying we had to do something special for it. There is some sort of graduation ceremony on Friday morning. And there are a couple of outside of school parties during the next week for Bryce too.

Carissa and Beth got their first CSAP scores for reading back a couple of weeks ago and Carissa scored as highly as Beth! she has been working very hard this year to get caught up and she did! She has been taken off her IEP plan and won't need the after-school tutoring she got this last year any more! yeah for her!! She was so excited to be in SOAR for math and science with Beth the second half of this year. Since she scored so well on her reading testing, maybe she will get to do some of the other SOAR units next year too.

Brenna is officially potty-trained! yes, it has finally happened. I knew it would be a done deal once she decided to do it, and it was. I ran out of pull-ups about 3 weeks ago and she put on underwear and has done very well since. There were a couple of day-time accidents the first week, but they were small. She's still having night-time accidents every few days, but I don't think we should try using pull-ups at night. I just think that is the wrong tactic to take with her,
so I've got lots of layers on the bed and we are dealing with it.

Beth and Carissa's dance recital is June 1 at 7P. They have a dress rehearsal Wednesday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the other classes dance too.

Oh gosh, what else has gone on in the last 10 days? I can't believe it has been that long since I updated this!

The rosy finches started building their nest in the wreath on my door a couple of weeks ago. We even had 4 eggs in the nest, and then a cat got to it and knocked it down :( They've laid 5 eggs in years past, so I don't think they were even done with the egg-laying. You would think that this pair would figure out that our front door/porch is not a good place to try and raise chicks after 4 years of this! The tree in the yard they always seek refuge in when someone goes in and out of the house would be a much better choice. I always have a bit of hope that it might be year that it finally works though.

Let's see.... you know the Seamstress ATC I made and posted a couple of entries ago? I won one of the prizes for best hybrid doll project! 3 months of free product from the scrapartist store!!! I am in heaven!!!! If I want something, I can just go grab it. I've been stocking up some, though I feel a bit bad that I don't have a lot of time to devote to scrapping with it. But, I will eventually, I hope! I used a few scrapartist goodies on my last circle journal LO:
credits and journaling can be seen here
I've really enjoyed working with and getting to know the other Dani's Girls the last 6 months, and I'm sad to see our time together coming to an end. Here are a couple of LO I did for the last team scraplift
credits and journaling can be seen here
credits and journaling can be seen here

and speaking of Dani Mogstad, she has a new kit out called Rock Star that is fabulous! Here is a two page LO I did with it:
credits and journaling can be seen here
The girls have really enjoyed watching American Idol with their Dad the last 5 months. We were thrilled that Jordin won the title tonight!

and a couple more CT layouts to wrap up the post
this LO just goes to show that if you don't want a picture scrapped, then you had better not send it to me LOL!
credits and journaling can be seen here

and a couple more LOs from last summer's vacation
credits and journaling can be seen here
credits and journaling can be seen here
Kim has some new Concoctions that are so cool! The boy concoctions I used on the LO above, and I haven't had time to scrap with the girl concoctions yet. I have some pictures in mind though, just have to find the time to execute the idea!

and one last little bit of enabling before I go: my good friend Kristen is hanging up her official designer's hat and getting ready to close out her store at SOTB. Everything is 40% off, so go check it out and stock up before it all disappears! There are a couple of Hawaii kits I haven't bought yet, so I'll probably go grab those.

It looks like ACDSee is done importing my pics, so I'm off to see what has to be done next and if it can wait until tomorrow morning. Talk to y'all later!

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Blogger Kim said...

Wow, that was a big post!!! And I though my last blog entry was long! LOL

Hope ACDSee works for you and you can convince your dh to get his own laptop! LOL

Congrats to Carissa and to Brenna!!! Kaylee is nowhere near night trained, not even in the ballpark. Her doctor says she's just not ready and that 10% of 5-year-old aren't, and that we just have to wait.

All the layouts are just fabulous! Really! I don't know how you crank out so many terrific layouts! Love what you did with the Rowdy Boys, can't wait to see what you come up with for the others! :)

9:50 AM  

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