Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bryce's 11th birthday party pics

the decorations: Castle cake and Lego Knight's Kingdom partyware

We had pizza and Coke for dinner right off. It was warm enough that all of the kids went outside in the backyard.

Notice the two neighbor girls peeking over the fence there trying to crash the party LOL
Bryce decided to open presents next. First gift was from Mitchell- a Bionicle
Yu-Gi-Oh cards from Davis
Bionicle and Lego Star Wars sets from Hunter and Robert B

Another Bionicle from Robert C
Star Wars transformer set from Dad
Dragon Chronicles books from Grandmama
Lego Knight's Kingdom figures from Mama- he got 4, only the really cool bad guy shown here ;)
ScoobyDoo videogame from his sisters
He got a giftcard from Nicholas and some cash from the Rodeffers. Im sure there will be a shopping trip to Target in the future.
After the presents were all opened we had cake

and then the boys enjoyed the rest of the evening watching a movie, puting together and playing with all of the Lego sets, and playing the videogames Bryce's friends brought with them. Since we don't have a Playstation, two boys brought theirs from home to share.

I finally told the last 3 boys to turn off the lights and go to sleep at 12:30. I was pleasantly surprised when they did so without grumbling and went right to sleep. Mark made everyone pancakes for breakfast this morning. I would say that it was a great party- I think the boys were better behaved than the girls were two years ago when Beth and Carissa had their first slumber party.


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