Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Officially FUNKY

Winners have been announced, and I am officially the digital Queen of Funk for 2007. I'm still having a bit of hard time believing it. Big humongous thanks to Tania, Amy, Cass, and Mish for all of the support and encouragement! I certainly couldn't have done it without you!(I wouldn't even have entered, in fact ;) ) Amy took 3rd place and Cass took 5th. Everyone did a great job each week and the gallery is so very inspiring! If you want to see all of my LOs in one place, I made a web album and posted them all there. I added a link to it, and my other main galleries, in the sidebar on the right --------->

and apparently I never shared my challenge 5 LO here.
journaling: These neon green shoes caught my eye one evening while we were shopping for new shoes for the kids. I dismissed them at first glance, because they were, well, neon green. And neon green is not my usual style. I’m normally a plain white tennie kind of gal. They were too bold, too bright, and just didn’t suit.... But I kept coming back to them, they were on clearance for only $3.... I really could use some new shoes for mucking around at home, taking out the garbage and things like that.... so I bought them. I must be more funky than I originally thought because I find myself wearing them not only out to the mailbox, but to the post office and grocery store and on other various errands around town. They make me smile and brighten my day, and that is really all that matters! (plus, they are easy to find when Sarah loses them during play time!)
credits: Background paper from Dude by Meredith Fenwick (recolored); by Sophia Sarducci: Iron Popovers, Nature's Garden, March Edition Dimestore Beads; Photo frames by Nancy Comelab at MyDigitalMuse; Cardboard Bits Zig Zag Paper Chains by Kim Jensen at Scrapdish; Circle stitches by Karen Hunt; Messy Paint Stroke (circular) by Jessica Bolton at Scrapbookgraphics; Paint strokes by Michelle Coleman; Art Strokes alpha by Angela Barton at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: SBC Courtneys Journal

Ok, I've got to sit sitting here in a stupor with a grin on my face and get some things done today! A blizzard warning is supposed to go into effect tonight around dinner time- oh joy! it's definately a typical spring here in Colorado LOL!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your win Melinda!!! And you are right...those shoes ARE bright! Love the layout!!!

PS Stay warm!

11:38 AM  
Anonymous AmyK said...

Woot, woot!! Way to go, Melinda! You are the funkiest gal around! Your win is so well-deserved, and I'm just proud to know you. ;) I totally didn't guess the shoe layout was yours, but I should have known. Love it!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I am so thrilled for you!!!! You should get one of those music things for your blog and have it play some James Brown because you are too cool!!!! :)

5:29 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Good for you, Melinda! Wow! That is so cool - and so are those wonderful LO! I LOVE those green shoes lol! I'm so thrilled for you!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Have I congratulated you yet? I'm such a dork! You did awesome, you should be so super proud of every layout, you rocked each and every one. Yayayayayay!!!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous rae_j, australia said...

Congratulations Melinda! Came to your blog from Krista Mettler's. Your gallery is awesome! What I really like about it is the different styles you have used throughout, plus different elements from so many different designers. You must be organised to know just where to find what you want!

5:19 AM  

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