Friday, April 20, 2007

Castle Cake

I'll be back with more pics and party description later, but since so many people wanted to see the cake here it is. I'm pleased with it- love the luster dust stuff we get at the cake shop up in Denver, it covered up the pastel and bright colors of the easter candy corn and gumdrops pretty well. It probably took me a couple of hours total to do this- not bad at all. I'd be willing to do another of these in the future if it was called for ;) All of the guys were suitably impressed- Mark and the boys all commented on it as they came in.

I just wish more of them had eaten cake- we're going to be eating cake every night for a week now! I guess it is a good thing that it's 4 months until the twins' birthday party. Carissa decided a flat cake was not going to be good enough this year and wants a 3D cake of some sort- I have no ideas at this point since the theme they want to do is High School Musical. That is going to call for some creativity in cake decorating.

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Blogger Krista said...

I have three words for you:

You are amazing.

That cake ROCKS!

11:11 AM  
Blogger RAKScraps said...

Wow this is just so cool!!!!!! The party looks like it was a great too. :) Bryce looks like he's getting taller.

Don't know how you'll out do this for the next party! How about a stage with moving fondant curtains LOL!

4:28 PM  

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