Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wish You Were Here

I've wanted to do this layout for a while now, but it took me a while to find the right pieces for and to be able to do it emotionally. I like how it turned out. I miss Daddy so much, but I wouldn't wish him back here. I'm looking forward to the day I get to run with the angels alongside him.

I took this photo of a beautiful sunset we saw as we were driving to Spokane to try and see my Dad one last time before he passed away from cancer last year. A few minutes after I took this shot my mom called to tell me that he had just passed away. I heard the song "Wish You Were Here" by Mark Harris for the first time a week after we got home from my Dad's memorial service. I knew it would somehow be a perfect addition to a page showcasing this photo when I got around to scrapping it.

Wish You Were Here - music and lyrics by Mark Harris
I wanted to tell you how closely I've kept
The memories of you in my heart
And all of the lifetimes that we had to share
Live even though we're apart
But don't cry for me
'Cause I'm finally free

To run with the angels
On streets made of gold
To listen to stories of saints new and old
To worship our Maker
That's where I'll be
When you finally find me

No don't you be weary cause waiting for you
Are wonders that you've never known
Just hold on to Jesus, reach out for his hands
And one day They'll welcome you home
And that's when you'll be
Finally free

And all of the dreams that you treasure
Will soon come together
And that's when your sorrow will find tomorrow
And you will rise again

credits: Rusty Grunge background paper from Urban Grunge BackPack by KristaMettler at scrapbookgraphics and scrapdish; envelopes and postcards from Queen of the Crop goodie bag by Krista Mettler at scrapbookgraphics; Mailbitz by Krista Mettler at scrapbookgraphics; Border papers, stickpin, heart and staples from Lovy-Dovy Day by Gwenevere Dupus; swirl and yellow rhinestone center flowers from Hurrah Spring by Windgefluester at TheDigiShoppe; mixed elements flowery stuff by Sausan Designs at scrapbookgraphics; torn edge action by Atomic Cupcake
fonts: Zapf Chancery

If you would like to hear the song, you can at Mark Harris' myspace site.
Find Your Wings is another song I love of his. I'm going to have to get his "The Line Between the Two" album. There is some background on each of the songs and the album title on this album here- it's kind of interesting to read the stories behind each of them.

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Blogger Kim said...

Wow, just stunning, Melinda. Totally beautiful, perfectly done. (((hugs)))

8:30 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

Beautiful, Melinda! This layout and your story so touch my heart. I miss my Daddy too, but just like you know that one day I see him again.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Oh Melinda, this is just so beautiful and touching!!

10:44 PM  
Blogger Mish said...

This is such a lovely layout Melinda!!

8:06 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

this is beautiful, melinda! i love it!

4:57 PM  

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