Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Snow Day

Yes, another. The kids were off of school yesterday AND today because of the snowstorm that blew through the state. We were on the very fringes of the storm, and even though the streets got a bit slushy and the wind was fierce yesterday it was hardly worth cancelling school for where we are. Today has been beautiful, and certainly didn't warrant no school for ice and snow conditions. We live in the very southwest corner of our school district and often the weather conditions in the northeast area of the district are what determines whether school is delayed or cancelled. In the case of this storm, it was evidently very bad up in the mountains and the northeast part of the district; the other school districts that are located on the north side of town also cancelled school yesterday and today. It still seems wierd to have school cancelled though when there is not even an inch of the white stuff in the yard and I didn't have a qualm about going out to the library and grocery store yesterday. Oh well.

Dani and Shawna shook things up in the yourfavorite pair forums two days ago and swapped CTs. So, us Dani's Girls have a week to scrap as much as we can with Shawna's awesome stuff. I've been having fun with some kits I've been wanting. Nothing like a CT assignment to get me to actually scrap with something! They also turned the swap into a little competition too- the team that outscraps the other gets GC's to use in the store of the their swap designer. Shawna started us out with her latest kit, Capricious. I just love the soft colors and patterns in it and found it was perfect for scrapping another of Sarah's newborn portraits.
credits: Capricious by Shawna Clingerman at and; circle stitch by Dani Mogstad at; LO based on sketch by Robin Cabana for; portrait by Roseanne Miske, Miske Photography; corner fold by Karah Fredricks at; fonts: SuzanneQuillSH

For my second kit choice (we can choose another when we are done with the last), I chose her Mr. Cool kit. It was perfect for this photo I had of my parents enjoying an evening with some friends from grad school. I would have been a little tyke at this point in time and was probably already in bed ;)
credits: Mr. cool by Shawna Clingerman at and; stitching from Spring Chick by Dani Mogstad and Dawn Stocsill at and; LO template by Nikki Beaudreau for DigiChick sketch challenge; fonts: FG Elin

and I put together a new insert for my coffee tumbler last night with Shawna's Inverted Doodlie Love and got it put together this morning.
credits: Inverted Doodly Love by Shawna Clingerman and Lauren Grier at; tumbler insert template by Melinda Staley at; font: 2Peas Gimme Coffee

Sarah thought it was pretty neat, and ran off with my cup. (yes, it is empty)
I finally got it back without fussing and crying ensuing by making a smaller version of the insert that fits the Playtex Create-a-Cup I bought for her a while back and hadn't 'dressed' yet.
I guess I should help Bryce work a bit on his science fair project- we have to get the poster presentation ready to turn in next week. Oh joy. I really think these sorts of things are for the parents as much as the kids at times since most of the time the kids don't have a clue about how to go about these sorts of things. I'd rather scrap, but this should probably be worked on for a bit first.

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Anonymous Nita said...

What???? It's still snowing in Colorado until now? Do you mind sending me some snow? LOL

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the layouts! Crazy on the snow day....its sunny and about 65 up here in Denver (although, most places here had a snow day yesterday too). Hope you are enjoying the day! And LOVE the mugs!!!


1:00 PM  
Anonymous AmyK said...

That photo of Sarah is so very cute! How fun that you get to swap CTs for the week. And I totally love the tumblers - reminds me that I've given 2 as gifts when James was a year old... maybe it's time to update those inserts! :)

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...

I would love to be on Shawna's team for a bit, how fun for you!!

And I know I missed telling you how cool that cake was, so I'm doing it now, it's so amazing!!

10:53 PM  

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