Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy

credits: Ensenada by Audra Little at mydigitalmuse; paper tears by Jen Caputo at scrapbookgraphics; Vintage Frame by Jessica Bolton at scrapbookgraphics; ribbon wrap, digiscrap tabs and stapled border by ChristinaRenee at funkyplayground and christinareneedesigns; Beauty Mark by Two Sisters Designs at scrapartist; Clockworks by Linda GilBildal at scrapartist
fonts: Horsepuke and Typewriter

Today was my Dad's birthday, and with father's day tomorrow too, and my parents anniversary on the 12th I've been thinking about and missing him a lot. So, I scrapped a couple of pages for my book with some pictures of him this morning and afternoon. I've been wanting to scrap the birthday picture all week, but just couldn't do it. After a false start last night and losing what I had done to an internet attack of some sort (blocked by my firewall, but I still had to reboot and lost everything), I pressed on today and got it done. I also did this one with some of our wedding photos and this gorgeous kit I couldn't resist buying when it was on sale earlier this week by Sylvie Sausan.
credits: Romantica by Sausan Designs at scrapbookgraphics; dried rose and rose petals from Altered Touches elements by Birgit Kerr at digitalscrapbookingartisansguild
fonts: CK Heritage
and this is an old LO, but I really love the photo. The picture was taken just a couple of weeks after Daddy was diagnosed with cancer in 2005.
For quite a few years now I've been making my Dad pecan pie instead of cake for his birthday. Usually it was whenever Momma and Daddy came for their summer visit, so it wasn't necessarily actually on his birthday. But, we always knew what it was for when I did make it. Here's the family recipe I use; this recipe is from Doris, my Dad's mom, and it is a classic pecan pie. Yum! I think I will make one in a couple of weeks when Momma is here visiting again to purchase her house here. If you would like a copy of the recipe for your collection too, just click on the picture ;)

Only one more week of Stargate SG-1 on SciFi. I'm going to be really sad when it's over. Friday nights on SciFi are about the only shows left that I actually watch regularly, so for one of them to end makes me very sad. I've been watching it for years and it is one of my favorite shows. Daddy actually got me started on it since SG-1 originally aired on Showtime and we didn't get any premium channels (still don't). He would record them for Megan and I and then send us the videotapes to watch. Stargate Atlantis will still be on, but I don't like it as well. I actually find the Wraith stories pretty darn creepy; last night's show had a Wraith 'theme' to it and I listened to it more than watched it. Big, ugly, nasty bug creatures jumping out and sneaking up on you from poorly lit tunnels- yuck, yuck, and yuck! Thankfully they haven't had too many episodes featuring the Wraith this season. I guess it will do once SG-1 is over, but it won't be the same.

Sarah has been running a fever and had diahrrea since yesterday, and threw up in her bed last night too. I don't know if she caught what Brenna had earlier in the week or it if is something different. I don't think she and I will be going to church in the morning. Once the medicine kicks in and brings her fever down she acts fairly normal- she is singing along with Dora and the pirates right now since she feels better- but when the medicine wears off the fever comes back.

Well, it seems I was elected to go out and get pizza for dinner tonight, and I need to get some more milk and ibuprofen for Sarah too. So, I'll sign off for now. Happy Birthday, Daddy- we miss you!

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Blogger Priscilla said...

((Hugs)) for you - sorry you are missing your Dad.
Beautiful layouts though - I really like the birthday one.
Hope the bugs all leave your home and you are all well again.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...

I've been thinking of you today. And I hope Sarah has been feeling better!

6:01 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

The layouts are wonderful, Melinda. ((((hugs))))

Hope Sarah is feeling better now.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Your layouts truly are beautiful! I understand why you are missing your dad. I have really been missing my granny this year. The separation is so hard. i hope that Sarah is feeling better and that you get all your baking done! We tried to do pizza for dinner last night. The line at Little Caesar's was OUT THE DOOR! crazy! (((HUGS))) Thanks for the pecan pie recipe!

9:17 AM  

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