Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Latest photos

I knew I would fall off the Photo-a-day bandwagon LOL I think I might still try and put together photo montages- it's not like I don't have several hundred photos from this month, they just were taken more in clumps as the month wore on. Here's a few from the last week that I think might be of interest.

Brenna wearing the red rainboots that I was given a plant in at my baby shower for her. After almost 5 years she can finally wear them!
We got the kid size table and chairs out last week- can't remember the occasion at the moment- but our two little DDs have been enjoying them immensely, bringing all of the various dolls and stuff friends down from their room to enjoy snack and tea time with them. And of course everyone has to appropriately dressed in a bib so that they don't get their clothes or fur messy ;)
My new scrapbooking/hybrid toy came via UPS yesterday afternoon. I spent some of my Christmas gift money on this baby. I need to find a big project to give it a try on!
One copy of a printed, bound book of a story that Bryce wrote and illustrated in Language Arts class last semester. They were supposed to arrive in time for Christmas, but only came home yesterday. I guess they will be given out as Valentine's day presents to those they were intended for ;)

our new dining table set that was delivered at lunchtime today from Sunday's birthday shopping trip.

The house is quiet and I am going to go enjoy my dinner in peace. Why is my house quiet, you ask? I was carrying my overflowing laundry basket downstairs so that I could get started on it while waiting for the furniture delivery guys, and I slipped..... I have severely sprained my left ankle now as it was caught underneath me and twisted in a bad way as I slid down the stairs. The last time I did this before we had Brenna I was hobbling around for over 6 weeks, and I'm sure this time is just as bad as that. I think it is not hurting so bad at the moment because I took a bunch of ibuprofen, have ice on it, and it's just getting numb. I called hubby at work and told him he was in charge of dinner tonight and that he would probably be taking the kids to the library this evening too because I am not standing up any more than I have to. His idea of taking care of dinner was to take them out for pizza LOL! I guess I don't mind being left behind too much, as long as they bring me a slice or two to enjoy later! ;)



Blogger Mish said...

Melinda your table is beautiful! What a wonderful gift. And what is your new scrapbooking toy for...is it a hole punch?

7:21 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Glad you're getting some peace and quiet. I love the new table! And I love the boots too. So cute! :)

8:23 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

The dining set is very pretty! I'm so sorry about your ankle though! And I don't know what the scrapbooking toy is either! LOL

8:45 PM  
Blogger Ramie :-) said...

Love the new table. I hope that your ankle is feeling better and that it doesn't take too long to heal. Get better soon!

11:06 AM  

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