Saturday, March 22, 2008

Answer about basket template for Kay

I don't have the capability with blogger to email people back directly when they leave a comment unless I already know their email addy. I've sent Kay a PM about her question, but people don't always know they have a message at forums, so I will just post my answer to her here too in the hope that she sees it.

To get a pattern paper to show up on the scalloped edge after you fold it over, you have to have printed a second pattern on the second side of the paper. I use double-sided photo paper, but you could just use white cardstock too. Print your designed basket on one side of the paper, then pick a coordinating paper to go with it and flip the paper over and run it through the printer again so that it is on the 'backside' of your basket. When you fold it all together then that coordinating paper is on the inside of the basket and will show on the folded down part of the scallop edge.
Make sense?
I've got a few more pictures with my instructions in my thread in the tutorial forum over at PH, if that helps any.

Since you've already printed the baskets at this point, you can decorate the edge with stamps, clear tape, stickers, or whatever you feel like.

Please contact me directly (check the TOU file you got with the template for the addy) if you still need help figuring this out.



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