Wednesday, May 21, 2008

4th Grade Egg Drop Pictures

The annual 4th grade egg drop experiment took place on Monday, May 19. Grandmama provided us with small styrofoam boxes for the girls to use for their project, and then they filled them with various types of packing- styrofoam peanuts, plastic shopping bags, and crumpled newspaper- along with a bubblewrapped raw egg. We taped it all shut and then added a parachute made from a plastic shopping bag. They work rather well as parachutes I learned during the egg drop two years ago.

at 1:30 all of the 4th grade classes met outside the school and the egg containers were taken up to the roof, where the janitor dropped them over the side one by one.
Here is Carissa's being dropped.
After the container is picked up, the kids open them and see how their egg faired. Carissa had an intact egg- success!
here is Beth's container being dropped- the first time.
The kids kept getting closer and closer to the edge of the building and the 'drop zone.' A gust of wind caught Beth's parachute and made it move out a little more than typical and one of the boys ended up catching it before it hit the ground- oops! This happened to another person too after her. So, after all of the others that were up there were finished, Beth and a second child's containers were taken back up on the roof for another try. Beth found an intact egg inside her container too- a second success!
Here are a couple of the more interesting ideas for safely packing a raw egg to survive a drop that I saw- this girl packed her egg in a container of jello inside a box filled with styrofoam peanuts. The egg was safe, and also a colored a pretty shade of red after the drop.
This egg was put inside a hollowed out Nerf football. It was also a successful experiment.
One person also did a container surrounded by balloons similar to the version Bryce had two years ago, though it wasn't quite as big a scale as Bryce's.

And speaking of Bryce, here is a picture of the desert diorama he made last weekend for his final science class project. Sarah likes the snake the best, though that is probably because it is the only animal she really recognizes in the box LOL

Well, I think I've caught the cold Sarah had last weekend. My head feels rather stuffy, I have had a pounding headache since last night, and my energy is a bit lacking. I've managed to get the twins' tap costumes altered today, though it probably took me 3 times as long as it should have. But, it is done now and they tried them on when they got home from school and they fit. Beth's pink over-shirt is obviously way too big, but there was nothing much I could do about that except tack it down in strategic places so that it at least won't fall off of her while she dances. Formal pictures are taken tomorrow for tap, and thank goodness they went with a different photo company that has much more reasonable prices this year. Tomorrow is the last day of school too. It's a half-day for everyone, and the middle school is having a school carnival on their football field. Hopefully my head won't be quite so muddled tomorrow as I'd like to go for a bit and try to get some pictures of Bryce with his friends.

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