Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More projects

It really has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks with the end of the year school projects, trips to fun things the kids earned free tickets to, etc. We are officially done with school projects finally as Bryce got all of his science things turned in yesterday. He had a few more finals today, but I think all of the hard stuff is done after today. It's just fun and games for the last few days for everyone now until the end of the year (which is Friday).

I've done a few things for Prima for the summer CHA show, so I can't show those off for a couple of months now. I do have a couple more new things I can show off now though too.

Jessica Bolton came out with some new Thrifty 'solids' paper packs last week. Boy are they delicious! lots of fun textures- each paper is different- and they coordinate with kits in her shop already so mixing and matching things to go with them is so easy. These are definitely going to be a 'go-to' staple in my stash. Here's a LO I did the other night documenting a few of Sarah's latest habits. She has to have her hair up most of the time, picks out her own clothes (and let's me know if she doesn't like what I pick for her...), calls everything 'cute', and loves to wear Sunday shoes (especially if they have heels) because they make lots of noise when she walks around the house on the wood floor. She calls them her 'tap shoes.'

and for one of my PrimaHybrid projects this month, I found this neat 5x7 cluster frame at Michael's a few weeks ago. We had a whole mish-mash of family photos hanging in the upstairs hallway- different sizes, colors, frames, etc. and it was not looking so pretty any more. So, I made them all more 'uniform' by basically turning them into a mini-album. Except this one hangs on the wall where you can see them all at once. Some flowers are digital, some are 'real', some are under the glass and some are over it. I like going up the stairs much better as seeing this at the top just makes me smile :)
digital credits: from PrimaHybrid.com: Weeds and Wildflowers: Everyday Bliss, stitching from Vintage Comfort, Counting the Ways Quick Album (hearts), Trish Jones: Dreamy Swirls, IOD: Fleurishy Silhouette Gem Frames
paper credits: Connections 5x7 Cluster Frame by Michaels; by Prima Marketing, Inc.: Mulberry Paper Flowers , Got Flowers? , Forever Flowers No. 4, Center Kisses, Say It In Crystals swirls
font: TXT Sloppy Script and Typewriter

Lots of things still to get done today:
*I need to come up with a graduation card for the son of one of our friends that we met in Germany. It's hard to believe that the little boy I babysat on occasion is 18 and graduating from high school.
I've got to have the girls get out their costumes after school today so that I can pin them and start working on getting them altered. I've made phone calls to the moms on my part of the dance class list reminding them that pictures are this week during dance class, so I had better get my own girls ready now.
*I have SOOOO many pictures I need to get off the camera from this weekend and yesterday. Beth and Carissa earned tickets to the Bandimere Speedway night of fire and thunder Saturday night, so we all went up there. I took lots and lots of photos, and I hope some of them are useable. When the cars are going 130+ miles an hour down the track getting a non-blurry picture is a challenge! The fourth grade classes had their annual egg-drop challenge yesterday afternoon, so I need to check those out as well and get copies to the teachers. There are probably other photos on there too I'm not remembering- my camera card is completely filled at the moment!
*We have to go to the library this afternoon. We haven't been the last two weeks because of appointments and conflicts with other things. Luckily our books and videos always renewed, so it wasn't a necessity. But we have to go this week as you can only renew things twice before they have to be turned in.

I'm off to try and get started on some of this list! maybe I'll be back later with some pics ;)

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You are so creative - I love the layouts in the frames! I see those everywhere and this is an awesome way to use one!!

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