Monday, October 20, 2008

Update on what we've been doing, and a few more Savannah LOs too

Did I mention that the last two weeks the kids have been on fall break? I don't think I did, and they were. We didn't do much, mainly stayed home. We celebrated Sarah's third birthday on the 11th with the Tamblyns and my mom. Yes, it was a bit early, but that is what worked for everyone and she was content with having a party whenever it happened ;) We had dinner, cake and presents. I haven't taken the pictures off the camera yet. She got lots of Dora stuff- I had bought up the Dora Magical Castle set on a super deal on last year's Black Friday and had been storing it in the garage since. Momma got her the new Dora Saves the Snow Princess DVD, and she also got a Dora Big Wheel- hopefully that will keep her off of the older kids' bicycles for a bit longer. I haven't even taken the pictures off of the camera yet, so you'll have to wait a bit to see those.

Last Tuesday I took the kids to the second-run theater for the morning showing of Wall*E, which somehow we had gone all summer without seeing. Once the popcorn was gone, Sarah entertained herself by crawling around on the floor looking for more- thankfully she was just picking it up to hand to me and not trying to eat it. If she hadn't been hemmed in one side by me and on the other by the older girls I think she would have been running up and down the aisles for most of the movie. It only seemd to catch her attention for about half the total time it was running, but I think for a 3 year old and a movie with very little actual dialog that wasn't too bad.

The kids seemed pretty content to occupy themselves with reading, coloring, watching movies from the library and playing games with each other. They were very glad to see the neighbors return from their trip on Wednesday, and they spent the rest of the week in the company of their kids. All in all, it was a pretty good break.

We had gorgeous weather this last week, and the leaves on the trees are really turning now. The maple tree we have in the front yard is the most amazing red and orange this year. I don't remember the colors ever being this vivid before in all of the years we've lived here. The weather has taken a turn towards cold and drizzly during the last 24 hours and the leaves are starting to drop so I don't know how many more days it will be around to enjoy. The other tree in the yard (can't remember what it is called at the moment) whose leaves turn yellow, hasn't started turning yet so the fall colors will hang around for a little while longer at least. I've got pictures on the camera of the maple tree too. (note to self: must get those offloaded soon!)

The bi-annual MOPS garage sale is this coming weekend, so I am trying to collect things and clothes the kids have outgrown and get them tagged to take over there on Thursday. Not many toys sold at the last sale, but with the holidays quickly approaching I'm hoping that they will disappear this time around since there are so many that need to go.

and now I'll just show you my latest Savannah LOs, as it is getting late and I'm fading rather quickly- getting up early to get the kids off to school is catching up with me.

Journaling: The first thing we did once we arrived at Magnolia Plantation was to ride the Nature Boat tour. We rode in a flat bottom boat through an old flooded rice field to see some of the native birds and alligators. The Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Moorhens and Anhingas were so close sometimes you could almost reach out and touch them. The Snowy Egrets were scared of the boat and would fly off when we got close, showing off their yellow feet. The small alligators were abundant cooling off on the alligator boards around us, but Willy the 15 foot long gator didn’t make an appearance. The Anhingas do not have oil glands, so they have to dry off their wings in the air after they dive for fish.
credits: Well Worn Collection by Dianne Rigdon at Scrapartist (coming soon); grasses by Christina Renee (Egglets and Farmhouse Fun) and Amy Hutchinson (Berry Me In The Sand); Template 64 by Yin Designs; fonts: Arial, FG Amelia

journaling: After dinner with Mike at The River House, Mark and I walked along the river & enjoyed the cool breeze and night atmosphere of the riverfront district. We took a ferry boat ride across the river to the convention center and down to The Marriot, where we got off and walked back along the river. The muddy river provided a beautiful glassy surface for reflecting the many lights of the boats moving up and down the river, and the hotels and businesses that thrive along River Street. One of the locals gave me a rose made from sweetgrass as we walked by. It was a very romantic way to begin our weekend getaway in this beautiful city.
credits: Gloaming by Dianne Rigdon at Scrapartist; Satin Swirls by Lie Fhung at; Gold action by Atomic Cupcake; Date It by Amber Clegg at Scrapartist; fonts: Rage Italic and CK Journaling Condensed

credits: At One With Nature, Pretty Acrylics Fancy, and Trashy Frames by Bren Taylor Boone; acrylic paint overlay by Nancie Rowe Janitz; Sanded Away action by Atomic cupcake; fonts: Rage Italic

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Oh melinda, I LOVE your Savannah LOs!! I am also working on a Savannah album. i will sub and follow your progress!!

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