Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 photos

We had a nice time at Marta's house for Thanksgiving. I promised to take photos this year, and then I went and forgot my camera LOL It's a good thing Marta had hers! We all just grabbed the camera when we wanted a picture and as I had taken my laptop with me I just downloaded the photos before we left. It worked out rather nicely ;) So, here are some photos of the day for your viewing pleasure....
One of the things we do is sit and go through all of the sale ads, planning what it is we need to get out and go shopping for the next day.
Marta working on the mashed potatoes.
Sam carving the turkey, which Marta thoughtfully smoked for us this year ;) The pan the turkey was in was a bit small, and the drippings started overflowing near the end of the baking time. They started smoking up the house after a few minutes and we had to bear the chill of the outside temperature for a while to keep the air clear. All was good in the end, though we determined that she needs a new battery in her smoke detector as it didn't go off even when there was visible smoke floating in the kitchen air.
Kristen and her boyfriend, Kevin- who we got to meet for the first time.
Buddy looking for a handout while the turkey was being carved.
The masses descend on the Thanksgiving feast.
The adults sit at the dining room table, and the kids get to take over the kitchen. We had 13 kids and 8 adults for dinner this year!
Mark and Brenna sitting and enjoying a showing of The Spiderwick Chronicles after we had eaten.



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