Monday, November 03, 2008

A few Halloween photos

Beth and Carissa were the official family pumpkin-carvers this year. I cut the top off of the pumpkin for them, but they did everything else themselves. It turned out great!

The smaller pumpkin in the photo is one that Bryce and a classmate carved at school on Thursday. His turned out great too!

Brenna had her first school party on Friday morning to celebrate Halloween. The kids were all so cute in their costumes! We had a small costume blip at school. Because they only have a half day, they were allowed to wear their costumes all during their school day (full day students had to wait until afternoon party time to put theirs on.) Since Brenna was a black cat, she of course had a tail that clipped to the back of her pants. The tail fell off somewhere outside during recess, and that made Brenna very sad. We looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. We let the ladies in the office know we were looking for it so that if it showed up by the end of school they would know who it belonged to. Brenna was so sad that she had lost her tail :( We hung around the front doors a little longer than usual after school was over taking a few pictures with her friends, and just as we were getting ready to leave the custodian, Mr. Joe, came out of the school and handed us the missing costume appendage. She was so happy and I was relieved I didn't have to try and figure out how to make a replacement for her.
credits: Spookie Ookie by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist; Black alpha from Rustic Provence and Skribble Alpha by Wingefluester Designs; Sketch Collection 27 by Jen Caputo at scrapbookgraphics; fonts: Century Gothic, CK Chocolate Sundae

and all of the kids in their costumes before we headed out to go trick-or-treating.
journaling: The kids had lots of fun with their costumes this year for Halloween. Sarah’s costume came from the dress-up box in her room- she was so cute as a ladybug! She called the antenna headband her “ladybug ears.” Brenna was a black cat, just like she saw in the Dora Halloween storybook she has. Elizabeth and Carissa wore the costumes from their tap class and were 80’s girls. The sparkly skirts shimmered in the night as the walked down the streets trick-or-treating. Bryce got a new costume this year and he chose to be Darth Vader. He accompanied Sarah and I to Brenna’s Halloween party at school and got several “cool!” statements from the boys in her class and in the halls. We spotted lots of Star Wars costumes this year, but he was the only Darth Vader costume that we saw.
credits: Friendly Spooks by Kate Hadfield and Tiff Brady at The-LilyPad; Sketch Collection 27 by Jen Caputo at scrapbookgraphics; Rhinestone heart and heart button from Mix Tape by Traci Murphy and Jaime Young at FPD; ladybug from Strawberry Delight by Annie Manning (DST Gold Member kit); fonts: Star Jedi, CK Extra

I'd like to do a couple more layouts with the rest of the Halloween photos I took- the pumpkin carving and going trick-or-treating since we saw some neat decorations- but I've got a bunch of CT commitments that have to come first. We'll see I guess how productive I can be!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your kids are sooooo adorable, and I am always impressed with what a great mom you are Melinda!!!!! You really inspire me :)! - Jess

8:44 PM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

Wow, I love the carved cat face - your girls are very clever!
And YAY for Mr Joe!!

9:03 PM  

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