Monday, October 27, 2008

Savannah Layouts: Magnolia Plantation Statues

I loved finding statues in areas of the gardens at Magnolia Plantation, so here are a couple of layouts that feature my photos of them.

Journaling: Echoes of the Past... follow you as you walk the paths of Magnolia Plantation. The peaceful quiet, the soft moss covering the garden statues, the respect and care that each of the gardens have been given over its 300 years, all speak to the heritage and history of this spot. One of the signs we found showed us this picture of the Reverend Drayton with one of his daughters enjoying the paths and gardens of his home 150 years ago, where we now walked ourselves.
credits: Color Theory - Olive by Jess Gordon at ChristinaReneeDesigns Block Party; flower by Melinda Staley from Scrapdish Basics (coming soon); font: Susie's Hand

journaling: One of the things I loved during our walk around the gardens of Magnolia Plantation was turning a corner and finding a statue tucked away at the side or end of a garden. The lady statue was at the center of the maze, and had roses laying at her feet. Some were still white, while others showed their age with a layer of moss covering, but all of them leant a grace and majesty to the garden atmosphere.
credits: Loryn by Kim Broedlet at DSO; Worn Overlays 2 by SomethingBlueStudios at catscrap; stone alpha by me; fonts: Impact and Susie's Hand

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow, gorgeous photos and pages!!! You know, when I saw your page, I thought of my Savannah photos - even though I didn't realize your photos are from Savannah too :)! I didn't visit the Magnolia Plantation though, it sounds lovely! -Jess

9:58 PM  

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