Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a Studio Crew member at Scrapbookgraphics!

I was asked a week ago if I would like to join the Studio Crew at Scrapbookgraphics, and of course I had to say YES! I'm excited to be working with Robin again and all of the other great gals at SBG. I will be helping organize their tutorials section and writing more for them. They are a really fun bunch, and I've enjoyed getting to know them better this week.
One of the new kits that I've been able to play with a little early as part of The Crew this week is the fabulous new addition to the Funky Junky line by Kate Hadfield, Rachel Young, and Michelle Godin- Funky Junky Home for the Holidays. Lots of fun scrapping goodies in this, and they re-released the first Funky Junky edition and the Funky Junky Christmas too. Here are the pages I've done so far. I'm working on a third one, but something's just not quite right with it yet (I wish I could define what it is that I don't like so I could wrap it up LOL).

We spend Christmas day at home with family. The kids were told they had to wait until 6:30 to get up, so the older ones set their alarm clocks and within a couple of minutes of them going off they were upstairs to see what Santa had left them while they slept. Grandmama was a trooper and here right at 6:30 so that they wouldn’t have to wait to start opening the gifts. After admiring their Santa gifts and looking in the stockings, we ate egg & sausage casserole and Christmas bread with hot cocoa. After we had all been fortified with food and drink, the official gift opening began. Carissa played Santa this year and was the one to hand out the gifts from beneath the tree. We take turns opening gifts so that we can all see what everyone receives. Mother-in-law and Son-in-law gifts are a tradition that began with MommyPat and Richard. This year all of the gifts had to do with animal ‘poop’ in some form of candy. In addition to a toy or two, the kids always receive a new outfit to wear and this year they all received new books to read as well. Melinda was happy to receive a new CD and new Photoshop Elements and Lightroom software to use on the computer. Mark received some new clothes and new music CDs. The kids played with their new toys for a while, and then we headed to Grandmama’s house for Christmas dinner and opening gifts from her.
credits: Funky Junky Home For the Holidays by by Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin, and Rachel Young; PencilLines Sketch 110 by Michelle Filo; fonts: Times New Roman

journaling: .... and that and that, Mama. The phrase is repeated several times just to make sure that any parent within earshot has heard her. It’s not the same thick Sears and JCPenney Christmas catalogs that I spent days poring over and making my Christmas list from as Wal-Mart and Target provide the flyer sized toy catalogs, but their arrival in the mail and newspaper generate nearly as much excitement now as I remember when I was a kid and mark the start of the retail holiday season.
credits: Funky Junky Christmas, Funky Junky (alpha and journaling strips), and Funky Junky Home for the Holidays (paint) by Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin, and Rachel Young; Holiday Alpha- Red by Michelle Godin; template by Janet Phillips from Impressions of Motherhood collab kit- all at; fonts: Ziggy Zoe

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Oh wow, your layouts are amazing! Wonderful journaling too :) Many congratulations on joining the Studio Crew!!

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Congrats Melinda!! How exciting for you! Love all your latest layouts!

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