Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recent non-holiday LOs

Sometimes it pays to wait until you find just the right kit to scrap certain pictures with. Native American Indian themed kits that are well done are very rare. Flergs came out with one recently called “Dreamcatcher” based on the Twilight book New Moon character Jacob and his Pacific NW tribe, the Quileute. I knew it would be perfect for scrapping this particular photo from the Colorado Indian Market back in January of this year. I wish I could remember what the name of this dance was; it’s not any of really well known ones such as the fancy, eagle or hoop dances. If any family members know, I’d appreciate them passing along the name of it! This particular dancer is from the American Indian Music and Dance Show with the Ware family from Oklahoma.
journaling: We have attended the Colorado Indian Market with my mom for a couple of years now. The music and dancers are always a highlight. This shot of one of the dancers from the American Indian Music and Dance Show was my favorite picture from the market for 2009. ~picture taken Jan 24, 2009
Dreamcatcher kit , New Moon alpha by Flergs at scrapbookgraphics
fonts: CK Becky

Since my mom isn’t going to be here this January, I’ll have to decide whether to go up myself or not. Carissa has expressed an interest in going again even without Grandmama. They also have a show in TX at the end of March, so as we are considering heading down that way during spring break after the first dance competition, maybe attending that one would be a possibility if it isn’t too far out of the way.

Here’s another LO where I was waiting for the right kit to come along. These are from our 2004 vacation to CA and AZ. The little one in these photos is Brenna.
credits: Rainforest by Alana McCarthy at scrapbookgraphics.com; Template 166 by Yin Designs; fonts: TXT Monkeyshine, TXT Abrasive

They have some fascinating statues scattered throughout the downtown area of our city. One of them is this big open door with a definitely different perspective that Sarah and I had fun with when we were down at the Pikes Peak Center buying tickets for The Lord of the Dance show back in October.

journaling: There are some neat sculptures decorating the downtown Colorado Springs area. This large door by Christopher Wood is titled “My Surreal World” and stands at the top of small grassy hill near the Pikes Peak Center. Seeing Sarah peeking through the door for me set my imagination going- what if you saw a different world on the other side? October 2, 2009
Wonderland Collection by Tangi Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com; a lift of Serenity's A Corner of Paradise LO for the 12/15-12/21 ICST challenge
fonts: 2Peas Unforgettable

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Blogger Kim Jensen said...

These are all stunning and so much fun, Melinda!! Definitely perfect kit choices! I love that door... very cool!

I'd love to meet up with you to go to the Indian Market if you do decide to do the Texas one! The kids' break is the week before that, so we'll definitely be in town. :)

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