Friday, July 26, 2013

Dance videos from 2012-13

Here are the videos of  my girls in their competition dances from the last year for those who care to see them.

Sarah’s dances with the Dolls.

Dolls - Choco Choco

Dolls - Over the Rainbow

Brenna had 3 dances at competition this year in the jazz, tap and ballet categories.

Beginning Fenix - Jazz Machine

Intermediate Percussion - Calling All the Monsters

In The Glow – we are so proud of our trio of girls, Brenna, Alice and Brieyelle. They received the high point award for their age category in duets/trios at Releve. They took home some big trophies! They received a score in the highest category for points, white diamond. The trophies are blue though, which represents their age category ;)

And lastly, Elizabeth and Carissa’s 2 tap dances.

Advanced Percussion - Put Your Hands Up

Bring the Fire
This was the girls second year working with Amy Gard on their tap duet. The girls worked on it a lot by themselves since Amy lives in Denver, and I would say all of the effort paid off. They received white diamond trophies, the highest the competition gives out, for the first time. All 3 judges gave them 97/100 points. Awesome work girls! I’m very proud of you and how hard you worked all year!

Unfortunately, the video camera conked out in the middle of the routine at Releve, so I’ve added the link to the video of the dance from the Celebrity competition in January down below. While they didn’t score quite as high at Celebrity, I still think they gave a great performance there too (and they have the whole thing recorded! LOL).

video of Bring the Fire at Celebrity Dance Competition:

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