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Nutcracker 2012 with Ballet Idaho



journaling: I’ve always loved being backstage at theater productions, helping make the magic of the show happen. So, when an opportunity to work with the kids and be backstage during performances presented itself I jumped on it. It was magical backstage- supervising the kids, helping them with cues and props, chatting with the Ballet Idaho Company members, and being able to watch the action up close.
credits: at The-LilyPad.com: Winter Wishes by TLP Designers, by Michelle Godin- Christmas Canvas, Sloppy Stencils 2, Teeny Tiny Alphas, Snarky Snippets: Winter, Sara Gleason- Petals 4, GWL Holiday Edition with Crystal Livesay, Micheline Martin- Artsy Bits Winter; glitter style by Flergs
font: CK Ali's Writing

journaling: Elizabeth had lots of fun as a sailor on the HMS Taffy this year in the Nutcracker with Ballet Idaho. She liked to joke that they were a bunch of drunk sailors as one of the first things they did in their dance was to look for their boat, which was always parked right behind them.
credits: Peppermint Stick Part 2 by Crystal Livesay and Peppermint StickPart 1 by Karen Funk at DesignHouseDigital.com; anchor from Sailor Boy Add-on by Britt-ish Designs; In Stitches Red & Cream by Robyn Meierotto at DesignHouseDigital.com; Blended Template Bundle 2 by Rosey Posey at scrapbookgraphics.com
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journaling: Once the shows are done, it’s time for a party! Food, an ornament exchange, Christmas music, and lots of friends always add up to a good time. All of the girls had learned the Virginia Reel from the Schefflers by the end of the party, and they had to turn the music off to make them get ready to go home.
credits: by Gina Cabrera at DigitalDesignEssentials.com- Holiday Cheer Kit, Holiday Cheer Alpha, Holiday Charm Kit (cookies), Acrylic Ornaments, Cookie Alpha (sprinkles); Fuss Free Vegas Strip by Fiddle Dee Dee at scraporchard.com
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

and well, it is way later than I planned on posting this…. I guess I thought I was going to get some more layouts done. But, that hasn’t happened and now the casting assignments for the 2013 shows are out. LOL So, I will just add a few more photos and call it good! We’ve had so much fun participating in this production, I’m looking forward to doing it again for the third time :)

2012_0916_Nutcracker2012_1118_Nutcracker-Beth-27  2012_1007_Nutcracker-8 2012_1007_Nutcracker-24 2012_1007_Nutcracker-53

I don’t have any photos of the battle scene rehearsals in the studio this year since I was running the music for the teachers. A job I enjoyed, but I thought it would be tacky to not be paying attention to the teachers because I was peering through the camera lens LOL

 2012_1123_Nutcracker-63 2012_1123_Nutcracker-64 2012_1123_Nutcracker-68 2012_1123_Nutcracker-70  2012_1124_Nutcracker-102

Mice at rest…..2012_1124_Nutcracker-105

mice at play…… 2012_1121_Nutcracker-22012_1124_Nutcrackerlook! Carissa made a rhyme… a rat with a hat and a cat LOL

Stage rehearsals during production week2012_1121_Nutcracker-6 2012_1121_Nutcracker-10 2012_1121_Nutcracker-108 2012_1121_Nutcracker-113 2012_1121_Nutcracker-118 2012_1123_Nutcracker-20 2012_1123_Nutcracker-92 2012_1123_Nutcracker-94


    Show time!2012_1124_Nutcracker-22 2012_1124_Nutcracker-45 2012_1124_Nutcracker-49 2012_1124_Nutcracker-52 2012_1124_Nutcracker-54 2012_1124_Nutcracker-58 2012_1124_Nutcracker-60 2012_1124_Nutcracker-63 2012_1124_Nutcracker-66 2012_1124_Nutcracker-72 2012_1124_Nutcracker-81 2012_1124_Nutcracker-84 2012_1124_Nutcracker-892012_1123_Nutcracker-2882012_1123_Nutcracker-300 2012_1124_Nutcracker-932012_1123_Nutcracker-3202012_1124_Nutcracker-101

and wrapping it up with the cast party after the Sunday show. The girls with Colton West, a local dancer who played the role of the Nutcracker.


Carissa with the dancers who played the role of the Rat King this year- James Brougham and Graham Gobeille

2012_1125_Nutcracker-12 2012_1125_Nutcracker-13

The girls and Isabelle with Brodrick (Brody) Todd. He was the Nutcracker 2 years ago and this year was the Chinese Tea male dancer.2012_1125_Nutcracker-15

With the two Claras – Katie Heaston and Emma Michaux2012_1125_Nutcracker-16 2012_1125_Nutcracker-18

Beth with a fellow sailor- SarahRose Lorrig. 2012_1125_Nutcracker-19

Brenna and Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti- one of Ballet Idaho’s principal dancers.


And our new friends the Schefflers. We had so much fun with all of them this year. They are one special family! 2012_1125_Nutcracker-24

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