Monday, April 24, 2006

poor sick baby

I have a sick baby :( Brenna was talking up a storm to me this morning after I got up and while I was making lunches for the big kids. then, she laid down on the floor and got real quiet after they left; about 8:30 she started throwing up. She's running a fever too, but I don't think she can keep any medicine I give her down. I'm hoping her stomach will settle in a bit and then we can try some tylenol.

Sarah still has her runny nose too, but at least it doesn't seem to be progressing much beyond that so far. It's just annoying for both of us as she hates having her nose wiped.

Laundry is definately at the top of the to do list today (it was anyway, but vomiting definately pushed me to get it started! I'm washing the second load already).

I'll try to get some party pics posted a little later.


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