Monday, April 10, 2006

where oh where did the little socks go?

oh where oh where can they beeeee?
are you singing along with me?

I just finished folding and putting away the girls' 4 loads of laundry I did over the weekend. There are 10- yes, 10!!- unmatched socks in their drawer at the moment. Honestly, I have no idea where the missing socks are. I haven't seen some of them in months. My kids don't leave the house with just 1 sock on, and they come home with 2 socks on their feet after they do leave the house (well, except for the one time some kid stole one of Beth's socks at McDs), so those darn things have to be hiding in my house somewhere.... don't they? The logical part of my mind says that yes, they are here somewhere, but I have to secretly wonder if there isn't a gremlin running around at night eating them just to confound and confuse me. I did happen to find 2 socks I missed on the closet floor when picking up the dirty laundry to wash, but there was only a match for 1 in the unmatched pile.

So, that leads into this LO for my Mom's advice album:
journaling: OK- so yes, she did leave the house dressed that way since I took this picture at church. In our defense, the dress was torn as she was getting into the van and we didn’t realize it was that bad until after we were already there. The socks and hair though, they’re another story....
credits: Good Times by Carrie Stephens, Fishscraps
Fonts: 2Peas Hot Chocolate and 2Peas Beautiful

You know, people just aren't very observant about things such as mismatched socks, or if they are they are too polite to mention them. I don't think anyone probably would have paid attention to Carissa's unmatched pair she wore to church that day excpet for the fact that I happened to notice them while sitting in the service and had to whip out my camera after it was over to take this picture for the album. Jeff Townsend had to give me a hard time about her state of dress when I got to Sunday School a bit later... he said he never would have noticed though if he hadn't seen me take a picture and wonder why LOL


Blogger Gina said...

I need to make a to-do list, especially since I'm going to be gone all day Thursday and my SIL is going to be here with the girls. Got to get some stuff done so she won't think we are pigs. LOL Can't wait to see the rest of the LOs but the one of Carissa is cracking me up! Love it!

2:45 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Too funny Melinda! I love her outfit! :)
Still don't know where any of my socks go either.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

ROTFL Kaylee always has a ton of mismatched socks. They always tuen up eventually, but I find them in the darndest places. She takes them off all over the house, and often stuffs them inside toys! I have no idea why she does that, but apparently it's fun, or it's fun to try to confuse Mommy. LOL

7:08 PM  

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