Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How'd I do that? *this one's for KimJ*

Kim asked me twice how I took the picture of the gift basket I made with Robin's Flair kit- I guess that means she really wants to know, huh?! There's really not any great secret to it, especially since I got all of my instructions from the February 06 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine LOL! They had a fabulous article on how to take still-life pictures; it starts on pg 105 if you have the issue. So, in a nutshell here's what you need to do:
*go get a piece of white posterboard (mine cost a whole $0.45 in the office section at WallyWorld)
*tape the top edge of the posterboard to something- I use a diningroom chair
*let the posterboard curve down in a smooth arc so that there won't be any corners to cast shadows in your pic; you can tape the bottom edge down if you need to so that it stays in place
*arrange the items you want to take a photo of on the posterboard
*take your pic- get down on the same level as the items, or shoot from above if you want overhead shot, so that you can fill the frame and only have the white background showing.

Pretty simple, isn't it? I haven't got the white balance thing on my camera figured out yet, so I usually end up adjusting the pics in PSE some.

Aren't those little goodies adorable? I made this 'baby shower gift pack' for TracyB using her blog freebie Sweet Grandson (did you know she is going to be a granny in a few months? :D ).


Blogger Kim said...

LOL A post just for me! Sounds very simple. We tried this ages ago with products for dh's store, but never got really decent results. I think maybe we just needed to spring the 45ยข for a bigger piece of posterboard! LOL I think we also tried ot just prop it instead of taping it down, so that probably made it harder too. Thanks for humoring me! LOL

BTW, the goodies are toooooo cute! :)

3:49 PM  
Blogger my2boys said...

cool...this will come in handy since I am going to start selling som eebay stuff....hahahahah!! thanks doll!

7:47 PM  

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