Friday, March 31, 2006


I promised you photos and today you actually get them- hard to believe, huh? Betcha thought I'd never get it done ;) a big huge thank you to Marta who let me come over with all of my kids and use a fast connection so that I could get these uploaded for you. So, let's get started with a couple of cute pics of Sarah.

I tried to rotate this one, but it kept stretching it in wierd ways instead of just turning it, so you get to look at it sideways- but isn't she cute laying there watching JoJo's Circus? I've never had any other kids who liked to watch TV when they were this small.
Sarah just loves her feet and toes. She kicks off her socks all of the time, and it isn't uncommon to find her with a toe or two in her mouth when she is laying on the floor. Why, oh why, won't this child suck on her thumb??
You can see a few more pictures of Sarah HERE

RAKscraps Color My World fundraiser kit: papers by Priscilla Halliday, Correen Silke, Amy Wolff; flower by Tracy Rivera; Inked frame by me; fonts: LB Jennifer, Teenage Girl1, LB Angela Squiggly
Here's the title page of Brenna's ABC book. If you want to see all of the pages, then you can go look HERE. They are uploaded into the album backwards- oops, sorry.

And here, finally, are a few selected shots from Brenna's birthday party. You can go check out the rest HERE.

Sorry again the pics aren't rotated, but you get the idea ;)

Mr. Postman brought the CD of spy music I ordered from Amazon over a week ago today. Totally cool! We were listening to it in the van on the way over and the kids thought it was loads of fun. Nothing like the sounds of the Pink Panther, James Bond, Mission: Impossible, and Secret Agent Man to get you in a groovy, spy mood! I really have to start thinking about finalizing plans for Bryce's birthday party now because it is going to be here before I know it!

Mark was starting on the yard work when I left home before lunch. He was raking thatch from the grass in the front yard, I guess we will see if he started tackling the planter boxes in the back when we get home.

OK- I was given the task of going to Sam's Club to get milk before I go home, so I guess we had better get going now that Sarah has actually fallen asleep (finally! I swear that child wouldn't nap if her body didn't demand it occasionally; wonder where she gets that from....). Brenna is in sore need of a nap too and I am not looking forward to trying to shop with a cranky 2 year old. Hopefully she will be tired to sit in the cart and be quiet. A mom can hope anyway!


Blogger Robin said...

Love the title page! Looks really great! And Sarah is getting so big. She is so cute. I bet Taylor would have enjoyed the Dora party too! Love Brenna's slippers! :)

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Looks like it was fun and that ABC album looks great! Sarah with her toes is just toooooo cute!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Could Sarah be any cuter?! I love it when they discover their feet!!!

The ABC album looks great! Birthday party...Dora rocks! Elizabeth and Katherine would've loved that, I'm sure. Nin has already told me she wants a Dora birthday (6 more weeks and she'll be two...sniff!!!)

The Easter basket craft is waaaaay cute and I'm going to try to be there for the chat.

And last, but not least -- LOVE the Easter portraits!! The kids look beautiful!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I couldn't see the photobucket pics, but the ones you posted here are too cute! :) LOL about putting her toes in her mouth; my two used to do that once in a while too. :)

8:28 PM  

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