Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not much exciting going on here.

Not much exciting going on here. We are in the last week of summer break- Bryce has orientation for 6th grade on Monday and classes start Wednesday for him. Because of some minor mold problems they found a few weeks ago, the elementary school start has been delayed a day to the 7th. They are starting school 10 minutes early for a while to make it up as it doesn't affect the whole district, just certain schools that needed work.

Beth and Carissa have finished up their summer dance class as of last night. They worked very hard and learned a lot. We decided not to let them try out for the ensembles (competition dance groups) that the prep class this summer was for, as I think it would just be too much after only having taken one year of dance. I don't want them to be put under too much pressure too soon and not be prepared physically or emotionally. I'm not sure that being judged and hearing a bunch of criticism would be a good thing at this point. There is plenty of time down the road for that sort of thing if they want to continue in dance. Their teacher this summer, Ms. Cindy, was very pleased with their progress and attitudes during their class. Now, we just have to decide how many classes they are going to take next year. They will take a full hour class each of tap and ballet. Carissa really wants to take a jazz dance class too, but again I'm wondering if that would be too much right now. They need time to get their schoolwork done and just be kids too. I think part of the decision will rest on what ballet class they are eligible for, as there is a beginning jazz class closely after one of the ballet classes but I'm not sure they can take that one.

credits: by Sophia Sarducci: from August Grab Bag- Caramel Apple papers and Fascination, Purple paper from How Does Your Garden Grow, Green paper from Bronx Zoo- Reptile Room, Getting Edgy; Antique Bronze Alpha by Antonio Rafaello at sophiasarducci; On The Edge PhotoCluster by Nancy Comelab at The-LilyPad; Smootzy Alpha 2 by Nancie Rowe Janitz at scrapartist; fonts: Times New Roman

We were able to visit with MommyPat and Walt on Sunday afternoon. They sold their house in Pullman and were coming through COSprings on their way to Owasso; we met them at Souper! Salad! for lunch and spent a couple of hours eating and visiting before they had to get back in the van and keep going. Uncle Allen and Uncle Mike (Aunt Jean's husband) had flown to Spokane and were driving them to OK. I don't think we had seen Uncle Mike since Jamie's wedding over 6 years ago; he hadn't ever met Brenna or Sarah.

The kids have been spending lots of time outside in the neighborhood this summer, playing and biking with the other kids on the block. Brenna has finally mastered riding her bicycle by herself. I guess her little legs and determination finally got strong enough ;)

She has another year before she can go to kindergarten, so we've bought some preschool work books and will spend some time when the older kids are at school working through those. she knows her shapes and colors really well already, so our main focus will be on the learning the letters of the alphabet and writing. I got a neat ABC books & Activities set by Amber Clegg from Scrapartist the other day that I think she will enjoy. She is looking forward to it already.

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Blogger Kim said...

Wow, school next week already. If Texas hadn't changed the laws, we'd be starting then as well. Instead we start the 27th.

Sounds like a good decision on the dance classes. We're debating letting Matthew do a karate tournament this month for similar reasons.

Congrats to Brenna on her bike riding! :)

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