Wednesday, June 27, 2007

storm went past us

thank goodness! You can see a photo of the funnel cloud at
Definately scary! that is not something that usually happens up in the mountains here. They were saying that we might get heavy rains and hail from this as it passed by, so Beth and Carissa and I went and cleaned up the backyard, putting the chair cushions and toys away in the deck box and shed before we left for their dentist appointment. In the end, nothing much happened. There was some thunder and lightening west of us, the wind picked up a little, and there were a few large drops of rain- and that was all.

As far the dentist appointment goes- good report on that too. No cavities for either Beth or Carissa, and they are good for 6 more months. We have to watch a permament tooth of Beth's that is coming in a bad direction because of a lack of space. I have a feeling we will be shelling out the bucks to an orthodontist for both Bryce and Beth fairly soon.

And we are beginning the keep Bryce up marathon. The goal is to keep him up until 2A and then get him up again at 6 for some breakfast before we have to head to the hospital. We got a set of DVDs from the library of the old Flash tv series. I have a feeling we will be watching a few of those tonight ;)

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