Friday, August 31, 2007

Richard's Favorite Things

Some things you just don't have pictures of when it comes to remembering someone. I started a series of pages about Daddy to record a few of the things about him that made him, him. I don't have photos of these things most of the time, but they were part of who he was and what I remember. I've got two pages done so far, and have started a third. The way I've laid them out means they take a bit more time than usual though since each section is like it's own mini-layout. If anyone thinks of other things that I can include on these pages, please let me know!
credits can be seen here

credits can be seen here

I've got lots of other layouts to post here, but it's not going to happen tonight. Mark wants to go to the Balloon Classic liftoff early in the morning. I told him I was staying home and sleeping LOL It looks like the weather is going to be nice all weekend, so I can go to the liftoff on
Monday morning ;) I'm still not feeling 100% and am looking forward to a few more hours of sleep.

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Blogger Robin said...

Hope you got some rest today and that you feel better! Hugs!!!!

2:14 PM  
Anonymous AmyK said...

Melinda, those layouts are really cool and inspiring! I really like the composition. I hope you continue to feel better!! (((hugs)))

3:10 PM  

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