Friday, August 03, 2007

A berry busy weekend

can the rest of you hear Strawberry Shortcake saying that like I can? LOL

This morning I got up and took the kids to the dance center so that they could say hello to their dance teacher from last year and I could get them signed up for classes this fall. She was there because today was audition day for the petite tap and jazz ensembles, the groups the girls could have participated in. Ms. Cindy got excited when she saw them there because she thought we might have changed our minds about letting them audition. I do feel a bit bad about not letting them try, but Mark didn't want them to and I had my concerns about it. I certainly couldn't keep up with an ensemble group's requirements on my own with the younger kids, so Mark's support was necessary. There were only 6 kids there to try out for the tap group when we left just before the audition started, so we weren't the only ones from the prep class to decide against it this year I guess. The Petite's were 10 or 12 strong last year, so I hope they have enough kids this year to do well. I'm sure the girls will see some of the kids from class this summer next year in at least the tap class they are taking, so I hope they can continue to build friendships with them that way.

After going to the dance center, I took Beth, Carissa and Brenna to get their hair cut. They all needed a trim before school starts. Tricia said she was very busy this weekend with getting whole families trimmed up before Monday.

We went home and collected the rest of the family and then we drove over towards the mountains to pick berries. We spent probably an hour scouring the wild raspberry bushes along High Drive. We found one area that had several good clumps of currant bushes too. The last 15 minutes or so of picking the clouds opened up and started dumping rain on us, so the kids sat in the van while Mark and I picked one more area (because we have learned that a little rain won't cause us to melt unexpectedly LOL). We probably ended up with about 4 or 5 cups of berries. Yeah, they were free, but we won't think about how much in gas it cost us to drive over there to find them :-P
We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up a few things and then we came home and made fruit crisp from apples, raspberries and currants. It was very yummy! the currants gave it a unique floral essence that I don't really know how to describe.
Sarah for some reason decided to turn her nose up at it and not even try it, so she got a banana instead. It seems that about all I can get her to eat these days in any quantity is peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, bananas, and milk. Yes, she is definitely coming up on the fun age of 2 years!

Tomorrow I am going to go watch our friends/neighbors in a diving competition. The State Games of America is here in the Springs this weekend and Kathleen, Preston, Devon and Braedon are all diving tomorrow. The local news even interviewed Kat! You can read the story and even see some video of them in action here. Kathleen says Preston finished 25th at the NCAA Nationals earlier this year, and since this competition is just for fun he plans on trying out some new dives tomorrow that she hasn't seen yet. I'm sure it will be exciting, and one of the few chances I will have to see him dive in person. I even borrowed a friend's camera that can take a rapid series of pictures, so I hope I can get some shots of complete dives from the top all the way down to the splash!

Oh, and our library had a Harry Potter trivia game before the book came out - you answered the questions and were entered into a drawing for some prizes. Beth won a Hogwarts diary/journal book last week from the drawing. Since she had to have her much too obsessed mother's help with answering the questions, it is sort of like I won the book too ;)

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Blogger Kim said...

The berries look delicious! And I'm so glad you didn't melt getting them! ;) The diving competition sounds very cool. Hope you get some great shots! Congrats to you, or rather Beth, on winning the book! :)

10:54 PM  
Anonymous AmyK said...

Congratulations on the book winnings! Those berries look yummy. I remember that gorgeous dive layout you did a while back - I can't wait to see new pictures of your friend. :)

11:09 AM  

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