Thursday, September 06, 2007

A busy (and expensive) week so far

I always like days where I don't have to go anywhere, and thankfully today is one of those after running around a lot the last 4 days.

Tuesday, the kids were out of school again for a teacher workday. We had a bunch of errands to run- the twins needed new dance shoes, both tap and ballet, that set me back $100. We went to the library for our weekly trip. We stopped at Walmart to buy gifts for a couple of birthday parties the twins are invited to this weekend. And then, after a quick stop at home for the girls to change we went to dance class. This was a trial class, so that their teacher from last year could get a better idea of what ballet class they should be in. She called Tuesday night and said she thinks they should be in the Ballet 8 class instead of the preballet class they tried Tuesday afternoon. So, yesterday they went to that class after school. This one seems to be a better fit, at least age wise. They enjoyed it, so I think it will be good. We were instructed that everyone's hair needs to be up in a bun from now on, so I get to practice doing that over the next week. I thought I was doing well just to get it up in a neat ponytail for them this week LOL! Tap class starts on Friday with Ms. Cindy who was their teacher during the summer class they took. I think I will be dropping them off and going back to pick them up most of the time; Sarah and Brenna did OK waiting in the hall Tuesday, but we had some moments where I thought I might be carrying one of them out of there kicking and screaming. During class yesterday I took Sarah and Brenna to the grocery store to get some things for dinner and then filled up the gas tank. I let Bryce stay home by himself and work on his homework; that worked pretty well. He had it all done by the time we got home.

I took Bryce to the music store right after dance class started Tuesday to get him a small part that missing from his trumpet. The repair guy who helped us took a look at the mouthpiece that he was using and suggested we get a different one that is easier to use. Then, I picked up a trumpet cleaning kit and a couple of new oboe reeds since I have a feeling I'm going to be drafted to play in the orchestra at my mom's new church in a few weeks. That stop set me back another $100 since we went with the more expensive mouthpiece. Yesterday at the second ballet class I went ahead and paid tuition for the dance classes for the semester- you get a discount for paying in advance and I don't have to try and remember when the beginning of the month rolls around to get the bill paid on time.

Bryce started band this year and is playing the trumpet. We pretty much decided for him that he was going to try band out this year since he wouldn't give us an answer either way when we asked over the summer. He says he is liking it a bit now. ;) Gosh, those first weeks of practice are hard on the old eardrums LOL! He's doing pretty well now though, and at least I can recognize what it is he is trying to play most of the time. I can tell he likes it pretty well since I don't have to remind him to practice every day, and he won't leave his trumpet at school- he carries it back and forth every day. They went out and practiced marching for the first time Friday- Mr. Lawrence wants to have the school march in the Christmas lights parade at the beginning of December, and is even inviting the 6th graders to join in. He's braver than I would be LOL The new mouthpiece we got him on Tuesday has made a difference, and his tone is a bit clearer now. He says it is easier to play, and DH agrees since he had to try it out too ;)

I spent most of yesterday working on this LO: journaling: Grandmama brought a box of beads and two beading books with her this trip. She and the kids spent several hours creating bead figures of all shapes and sizes. The kids enjoyed many hours of beading after she left too.
credits: Turquoise, yellow and orange papers from Earth Laughs in Color Collection by Sophia Sarducci at sophiasarducci; Stamped Out Alpha by Sophia Sarducci at sophiasarducci; notebook paper alpha and paperclip from Back to School by Sophia Sarducci at sophiasarducci; Raggedy Ginghams Country by Mama Mia at sophiasarducci; Beaded Rubberbands 1 by Patrizia Pascala at sophiasarducci; painted arrow by Jessica Bolton at scrapbookgraphics; label from Old School by Dani Mogstad at designbydani and sweetshoppedesigns; Bead Buddies by Melinda Staley; LO based on template from It's All in the Details Vol 1 template collection by Rachael Giallongo; fonts: TXT Scribbletti

I have my mom to thank for the 43 other bead buddies I have left to extract ;) Considering it takes me about an hour to do each one of the larger ones, it probably won't be happening any time soon LOL!

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Blogger Meredith said...

oh wow, melinda! your post scares me! how do parents afford all the stuff their kids do? at least now i understand why my parents never put me in dance or band! :) alhtough it may have also had something to do with my lack of coordination. ;) LOVE the bead buddies and can't wait to see what you do with them.

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