Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Krista

credits: Flowers in the Garden and SW Acid papers by Bren Taylor Boone; Creative Crop shapes by Dani Mogstad at designbydani; Hallway Graffiti Glitter Rainbow Paint by Meredith Fenwick at scrapbookgraphics; flower doodles by C.D. Muckosky; fonts: Susie's Hand, Time and Time Again
Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Krista! I hope you have had a good weekend and that your grandfather is doing better today.



Blogger Krista said...

after being away for three days, it has taken me that many more to catch up with blogs. wow, i'm just thrilled with this card you posted for me... it seriously made my day! thank you so much for that and for your wonderful friendship! :)

P.S. commenting on another post here, but i had the sunshine family dolls too. i used to play with them and barbies together... with the sunshine family being the more buttoned-down neighbors next door...while my barbies were more of the carefree sex in the city sorts...minus the sex, of course. ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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