Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today's LO

journaling: Fall is my favorite season, and I love to get out the decorations that celebrate fall colors, sights and smells. I am beginning to acquire a collection of pumpkins to add to my display. I have a dryer vent pumpkin I made, a basket pumpkin, handpainted and ceramic jack-o-lanterns,and my newest additions are a realistic looking and trio of wooden pumpkins with wire accents.
credits: Pumpkin's Patch by Correen Silke at Scrapdish and SBB; Inky Frames by Antonio Rafaello at sophiasarducci; Felt alpha from Shameless by Kim Jensen at scrapdish; ; Matties Borders by Corina Nielsen at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; drop shadows by Tania Cordova Shaw; fonts: Susie's Hand

It's dinner time and we are off to my mom's afterwards to help get some more boxes unloaded. She got her washer and dryer a day earlier than expected this morning (good thing I didn't wait to move the boxes out of the way yesterday morning!) and she has internet too now.

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Blogger Meredith said...

i have been staring at this layout all morning trying to figure out how you made a dryer vent into a pumpkin. Then I came over to your blog to see what's going on (congrats on doing well on your orchestra gig!) and glanced at your layout and realized what you meant by dryer vent. You actually mean the dryer vent that goes into the wall. I was thinking about the lint trap that you clean out after each load! lol! can you tell that I am lacking sleep?! :)

6:19 AM  

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