Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday morning's LO

A while back I requested some kitchen things from Angela and Saxon (aka Sophia Sarducci) so that I could scrap this picture of Erin and I sitting at the table in Grandma Doris' kitchen, and they finally got to it on their list of ideas! I don't remember spending much time in the kitchen when we were there, as Grandma didn't make a big deal out of cooking, but there were still several things I wanted to record that I did remember. While looking for pictures for Daddy's memorial service last year, I came across a box with a few of Grandma's things in it and found a check cashing card for Kennard's grocery store. I remember saying hello to Mr. Kennard everytime we went to get groceries- especially the box of Froot Loops Grandma always treated us to during our visits ;) Knowing the store owner on a first name basis is rare these days, if you just shop there. He also had a yellow and brown horse we could ride for a penny, so we were often treated to that as well during our trips. Our local Safeway has a blue and brown horse that you can ride for a penny; I enjoy treating Brenna and Sarah to a ride there if they are well behaved.
journaling: I don’t remember Grandma Doris being in the kitchen much, but I do have a few found memories of things she would do just for us grandkids when we visited. She always had a box of Froot Loops in the pantry and she would keep Baby Ruth candy bars in the freezer for us on hot summer days. Whenever we went to Kennard’s grocery store we would say hello to Mr. Kennard and get a ride on the yellow and brown horse with a penny. Grandma liked to eat raw red onions, and drank Coca-Cola every day. Her cornbread stuffing and pecan pie recipes are two of my favorite holiday dishes to this day. My Dad didn’t like strawberries or green beans because he picked and ate so many of them from their garden as a kid. After Grandma passe on, I inherited her Corel dishes and Mexican blue glass glasses- I still use the dishes on a daily basis, and get the glasses out for special occasions.
credits: at by Sophia Sarducci: In My Kitchen, brick background from Sal's Favorite Pub, Gettin' Edgy; Stapled Cardboard and Stapled Cardboard- Staples Only by Patrizia Pascala; green ribbon from Eclectic Autumn by Saxon Holt and Victoria Feemster at; Vintage Frame by Nancy Comelab at The-LilyPad; fonts: FG Freja

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Blogger Mish said...

Oh Melinda, this is such a wonderful page. It makes me wish so much that I had photos from the kitchens at my grandmothers' houses. I might have to go grab that kit now!

7:56 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

melinda, this is amazing! i wish i had pictures of cooking in my grandma's kitchen. awesome kit, too!

11:28 AM  

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