Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snapshot 2012 - #18

Snapshot 2012 #18 is about your beliefs.

credits: everything at by Tangie Baxter- Mercado Salvage, Gesso Messy 5 Page Borders and Paperworn Art Styles, Smile.Laugh.Play Extra Papers by Flergs; bird from Creative Fusion Motherhood - Page Pretties by Studio Gypsy (retired)
AJF Tiger Lily, Mad Hatter, Tweedledee, Tweedledum

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

September Scrapbook Pages

PatsyOman_HappyBirthday88  journaling: We celebrated Mommy Pat’s 88th birthday with a lunchtime party at Forest Hills. We ate Chinese food and Italian Creme cake and she opened gifts. Mommy Pat said the best gift was that we were all there to help her celebrate it.
credits: at
Studio Mix 29 - Indian Summer, Studio Mix 29 - Indian Summer Add-on, Studio Mix 29 - Indian Summer Bsides Papers, Studio Mix 29 - Indian Summer Journal Cards by Studio Girls, Studio Mix 6- Bring the Autumn Magic by Studio Girls (stitched border); Me Time Part 2 by Crystal Livesay at; font: Brush Script, SBC Courtney

B&S_PeanutButterPancakes_8-  journaling: The girls had a day off from school, so we went to Grandma’s house to help with the to-do list and then lunch. Brenna and Sarah helped make our favorite peanut butter pancakes- YUM!
Hints of Fall Templates and Hints of Fall Mists by Crystal Livesay at; Yesterday's Jam by OneStoryDown Designers; Teeny Tiny Alphas by Michelle Godin at; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

 COBalloonClassic-Splash&Das credits: Crystal Livesay- September 2012 Foundations at LiveYourStories;at The_LilyPad: Michelle Godin- Chasing Rainbows, Sew Artsy Cards, Kim Jensen- Springity Spring (with Kate Hadfield) (buttons), Garden Pop Elements (cloud); Amy Martin- Blanc Stitches; Sara Gleason- Trellis; Amber Clegg- Date Stamps; by Lyndsay Riches- Reach for the Sky at scraporchard;
font: MA Sexy, SBC Distressed Typewriter

 E&C_NerdAlert_May2012 credits: at Michelle Godin- Too Cool For School Papers and Too Cool for School Words, Kim Jensen- Torn Tape Dates, Amy Wolff- Messy Marvin, One Little Bird- Science Lab, Sara Gleason- Trellis; Simple Stories by Crystal Livesay and Kitty Designs at Design House Digital; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

 LoveYouForever_Sept2012 credits: September Foundations by Crystal Livesay at; at I'll Love You Forever and Fleetwood by Sahlin Studios, Sew Artsy by Michelle Godin, Everyday Moments by Lauren Grier and Jenn Barrette; All My Loving by Ju Kniepp at;
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: Brenna’s first year in the Dolls they did a character jazz dance to “Hair” sung by the Broadway Kids. Every family came up with their own costume, and we were told to try and keep it in period style. I found some 60’s-inspired pants and a peasant top at the mall, and then did a little sewing to tweak them a bit more. I added some dark brown suede triangle pieces to the pant legs to give a big bell-bottom look. I wanted a suede vest with long fringe and couldn’t find anything like what I envisioned, so I bought an Indian & cowboy costume pattern and tweaked it to add 8 inch fringe on the bottom edge. A fringed headband, random beads strung on knotted pieces of fringe, and lots of peace signs and flower patches were the finishing touches to our 1960s hippie costume. The girls all had a great time dancing and swinging their hair around during this fun number.
Grow With Love: Letters Edition- January by Crystal Livesay at; Woodstock by Lynn-Marie (retired); at Field Notes by Tangie Baxter, Fresh Outdoors by The Studio Girls; Natural Wonders Collection by JenU- Flutterbys, Pulling Weeds, Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

GardenOfGods-Melinda&Dale_9  journaling: It’s hard to explain my relationship with Dale VanBlair to other people. We found each other through the Heavy Bombers Yahoo Group 12 years ago when I started searching for information on Grandad Al’s B-24 crew during World War II. Posting that message on the group was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only did I find more information than I had ever hoped, but I found a Godly man who added me and my family as part of his own. Dale helped me learn more about my own grandfather through his stories of their time together during the war, which was priceless since he died when I was one and have no significant memories of him myself. We keep in touch by email and Facebook, and it was special to have Dale here for a visit this September just to visit me and our family. It was definitely time well spent.
credits: Free Falling and Free Falling Alpha Bundle by Flergs at; Photo Centric Templates Vol. 1 by Crystal Livesay at; font: Chromosome Heavy, CK Becky

Sarah_rakingleaves_10-25-11  credits: Fantabulous Fall by Kim Jensen and Kate Hadfield at; Photo Centric Templates Vol.1 by Crystal Livesay at;
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

And a couple of pages with the fabulously spooky new Studio Mix 31- Oogie Boogie at scrapbookgraphics. I don’t know what Brenna was doing in dance class when I snapped this particular photo, but I thought I caught a good ‘scared’ face. Not throwing out those occasional randomly odd photos can be handy sometimes!

credits: Studio Mix 31- Oogie Boogie and Studio Mix 31- Oogie Boogie B-sides Add-on by The Studio Girls at; font: Black Adder

credits: Studio Mix 31- Oogie Boogie and Studio Mix 31- Oogie Boogie Clusters by The Studio Girls at; font: Black Adder