Friday, September 07, 2012

Tap Duet 2012

journaling pg 2: Elizabeth and Carissa loved their new tap teacher, Amy Gard, and asked her to choreograph their tap duet. Amy’s style is a more hip-hop tap than they had done before, but they loved it. The name of the song was Move, by Mercy Me, and that is exactly what it did from start to finish. Beth and Carissa earned a high gold medal and second place overall in their age category for tap at the Celebrity competition in January. Competition stresses threw them a little off their game at Cathy Roe in April, and they finished with a gold medal for this routine.
Love you Like a Love Song by Micheline Martin at; Grow With Love- Marriage by Crystal Livesay and Sara Gleason at DesignHouseDigital
font: Susie's Hand, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

If you would like to see them dance, you can watch their turn on the stage at Celebrity at this link:

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August Scrapbook Pages

The start of August means the kids go back to school in our district. We’ve got 3 high schoolers and 2 elementary students this year. It’s always busy at house!

E&C_HelloHighSchool_7-24-12  journaling: Lookout Vista Ridge! Elizabeth and Carissa are on the scene and ready to take this new school by storm this year. They switched to a new school to work on pursuing the career paths they are interested in, leaving many of their good friends behind. Of course they will see them from time to time, and Facebook chats are only a monitor away. Elizabeth and Carissa are looking forward to the challenges ahead and making new friends along the way too.
credits: by Michelle Godin at
Hello Goodbye Papers
Hello Goodbye Elements
font: Horse Puke, Chromosome Heavy, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

E&C_WeAreVR_7-24-12  journaling: The second half of your 8th grade school year you both got quite a bit of grief from classmates about choosing a different school to attend for high school the next year. You didn’t let it bother you though because you knew what you wanted to do and this was the best place to go to achieve those goals, as well as being feasible transportation-wise. I’m proud of you for not letting other people’s choices influence you. I know you will both do well this year!
Pictures taken at Freshman year registration. July 24, 2012
School Zone Plus Bundle by Kim Jensen at; August 2012 Foundations by Crystal Livesay at

  E&C_AdvFenix-Everlasting-1 credits: Cerise Noir Collection by Flergs at; August Foundations 2012 by Crystal Livesay at; font: Zapf Chancery LT E&C_AdvFenix-Everlasting-2 credits: Cerise Noir Collection by Flergs at; August Foundations 2012 by Crystal Livesay at; font: Century Gothic

TuckerSisters1943  credits: Studio Mix 28- Enduring Grace and Studio Mix 28- Enduring Grace Word Art by The Studio Girls at; August Foundations 2012 by Crystal Livesay at; font: FO PS I Love You

Sarah_TakeYourOrder_8-3-12  credits: Hold on to Happy by Crystal Livesay at; Kitschy Kitchen Collection by Sahlin Studio and Jenn Barrette at; The Notebooks, School Zone Elements by Kim Jensen at; Studio Mix 28- Enduring Grace by The Studio Girls (doily) at; Stick It Dates by Darcy Baldwin; font: Lobster, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

ThankYouFirefighters_June20  journaling: The Waldo Canyon Fire consumed the hills west of Colorado Springs from June 23 to July 10, 2012 and was the most destructive fire in Colorado history. We had a front seat to all of the action with almost 24 hour coverage of the fire on our local news stations, and seeing and breathing the smoke. By the time the fire was put out 17 days after it began, it destroyed 346 homes, killed 2 people, evacuated 32,000 people, and caused $352.6 million dollars in damages, not to mention lost business revenue. As much as we heard about the fire’s destruction, we also saw firsthand the heroic efforts of the thousands of fire fighting personnel that were protecting our community. They worked long shifts, stopping only to eat and sleep right where they were so they could respond quickly if needed again. Thanks to their amazing efforts, the damage was kept to so much less than it could have been.
credits: at
Eclectomania 1 and Recycled Newspaper Alpha by Kim Jensen, To The Rescue and Community Helpers by Jacque Larsen, Mini Dots Alpha by Amy Martin; template by Scrapping With Liz; photos were collected from public postings on Facebook; font: Georgia

E&C_BlueCrew_7-31-12  journaling: Beth and Carissa were thrilled when Iyanno asked them to work with her to choreograph and video a dance for the Disney Channel Make Your Mark dance contest this summer. They spent a couple of weeks working on things seperately because they couldn’t find a time to all get together. Iyanno was able to stay a few hours after the twins’ birthday party ended so they could have some time work together, and they were able to finish working things out. We recorded the video the next week during some open time at the dance studio, and it was submitted to the contest. We don’t really expect anything more to come of it, and that’s OK. It was a fun project doing something they all enjoy and a way to spend some extra time together exploring their talents and abilities. They were willing to take a risk and give it a shot, and I’m sure they will all find a way to make their mark on the world eventually.

credits: at by Michelle Godin- Moody Blues Papers, Moody Blues Elements Sew Artsty Just the Stitches, Keep Calm Splatter On; by Kim Jensen- Perforated Paper Alpha, Bloomin' Octagonal, Bloomin' Baubles, Pinned Purple Paper Dates; Enjoy the Moment (silver wire swirl) by Sahlin Studio; Story Maps Vol. 1 by Crystal Livesay at; glitter style by Flergs
font: Ticket Capitals Impressed, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

7-11Day2012  journaling: It almost snuck by me this year, but a friend mentioned it in passing in an email that afternoon- it was July 11th and that meant that it was free Slurpee day at 7-Elevens across the country. With it being summer, our more relaxed schedule allowed us to all jump in the van and make a quick trip down the hill to try out a few new chilly flavors to help beat the heat.
credits: TLP Summer Bucket List minis by Allison Pennington, Karah Fredricks, Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin, Lauren Grier, Sahlin Studio, Emily Merritt, Little Butterfly Wings, Kim Jensen, Amber Clegg, Tickled Pink Studio, Kay Winiecki; Blanc Stitches by Amy Martin;
Stamped Hex Templates by Crystal Livesay at; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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Snapshot 2012 - #17

Snapshot 17 is about the heroes and people you admire. Since I scrapped this page during the last few days of the summer Olympics in London, I focused on my feelings about the athletes are participating, and have participated in the past, in the greatest sporting event around the world. I remember watching the games as a kid. I especially loved the equestrian, diving, synchronized swimming and gymnastics events. How they broadcast the games has certainly changed through the years, and I still wish I got to see more of the sports that don’t get as much coverage in the news. One of these days I’ll scrap a page about one of Mark’s  family members who ran the marathon in the 1924 Paris Olympics.


journaling: I've always watched the Olympics and marveled at the skill that each of the athletes competing at the games displays in their chosen sport. While it is always fun to be able to cheer for the winning team, I also believe that just participating should be treated with as much respect as winning a medal. It takes years of dedication to a single pursuit to be good enough to even qualify to attend and represent the athlete's country in an Olympic year. So, Way To Go!! to all of the athletes that competed at this year's games in London- you did your best and that should be good enough to win anyone's respect and admiration.
A few inspiring athletes that competed for the honor of their country at the 2012 Olympics without expectations of being able to win a medal:
Julie Zetlin from USA in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Sarah Attar from Saudi Arabia in the 800m
Oscar Pistorius from S.Africa in the 400m and 4x400 relay

credits: at Sports Fan Collection by Flergs, Sports Fan by Jen Davey, Word Nerd Vol. 2 Sports by Maya; all photos found on the internet
font: Old Newspaper Types, Chromosome Heavy, custom print by Darcy Baldwin

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