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Misc September Scrapbook Pages


All of the cameras I've owned over the years. I love my cameras

journaling: I’ve had a long love affair with cameras of both the film and digital varieties. I love recording our lives on film and enjoy looking at all of the pictures I’ve taken. I still own all of these cameras and keep them tucked away safely if I don’t use them any more. Some of them are in better shape than others depending on how long I’ve used them- I had to buy a new Nikon D50 in May as I wore out the first one from heavy use at all of the dance events we attend.
credits: at
Catch the Cam by Thaty Borges and Luiza Gray, AJC Parcel 30- Gesso Textures and Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter, Everyday 365 Date Flair by Baers Garten
font: SP Wonderful Wendy, CK Newsclips

journaling: During 6th and 7th grade, Beth and Carissa were a part of the HMS Honor Choir, directed by Lori Depew. They got up early two mornings a week so they could be at school at 7:15 for rehearsal before the regular school day started. They were willing to do this because they love to sing and this was the only way they could be in both band and choir. The Honor Choir sang at the choir concerts and competitions, and they performed at UCCS basketball games throughout the year as the Star Spangled Singers too. They enjoyed their years with Ms. Depew immensely and were sad to see her leave to go to graduate school at the end of the 2011 school year.
Studio Mix 8- Songbird by BCD, Thaty Borges and Rosey Posey, B-sides- flowers; font: GF Halda Smashed

credits: at Miki Ferkul: Autumn Romance,
Lorelei Murphy:
Blended Template Bundle 6 (template 23),
font: SP Wonderful Wendy, Georgia

[and this page made the GSO blog on Sept 20- yay!!! ]

Sarah_SillyFaces_9-13-11  journaling: Sarah, you are quite the character making silly faces at me when all I wanted was a nice pretty smile with the cup of hot chocolate. Despite the goofy faces, you’re still a beautiful little girl, and certainly lots of fun to be around!
credits: by Kim Jensen at
This Face - Doodled, This Face - Stamped, Audaciously Awesome with Kate Hadfield, Pinned Purple Paper Alpha Tags, Date It! Plastic Beads; Create Shadow Layer PSE by Anna Forrest Designs at PickleberryPop, Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics
font: CK Becky

 Elizabeth_GypsyFireElizabeth_Ballet5-6_Gypsy-6 credits: at by Miss Vivi- Russian Lullaby with Line Designs, Dancing Silhouettes, Pea**** Alphas (recolored) by Miki Ferkul, Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter; Template 158 by Yin Designs

credits: at by Miss Vivi- Russian Lullaby with Line Designs, Dancing Silhouettes, Blended Templates Bundle 4 and Glee (alpha) by Lorelei Murphy, Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter; font: Cezanne

journaling: Elizabeth and I helped Brenna and Sarah carve their Halloween pumpkins. Brenna chose trick-or-treaters and Sarah a funny face.
credits: by Kim Jensen at
Pumpkin Kraft, Pick a Pumpkin, Cardboard Bits Zig Zag Paper Chains, Garden Pop {Exploded} Stamped Newsprint Alpha, School Zone Elements (stitched border), Serendipity (journaling Box- kit); Inspired by Nettio templates by Darcy Baldwin at sweetshoppedesigns; font: CK Constitution

 TDC_CostumeWeek2010-w journaling: The kids’ favorite week at dance is the week around Halloween when they get to dress up in costumes for dance classes. We have so many now, the girls can each be something different every day of the week.
Studio Mix 9- Twilight Brew by Amanda Rockwell, Flergs, and Veronica Spriggs at Kit, Midnight Petals, Word Art, Bsides Alpha, Bsides Flowers; font: Blackadder ITC

TDC_CostumeWeek2010-1 TDC_CostumeWeek2010-2 

credits: at Obsession by Veronica Spriggs with VIVA Artistry, I Hear a Symphony Overlays by Veronica Spriggs, Love 2 Dance (alpha) by Flergs and Charlize Creations; MJ wallpaper downloaded from internet
font: Cambria

TDC_DareToDream-1 TDC_DareToDream-2

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