Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Snapshot 2012 - #16

Snapshot #16 is about how you use the internet. Where you go, what you do with it. It’s an integral part of our daily lives at our house.

journaling: The internet is something you don’t realize how much you depend on until you don’t have access to it. There is almost always a computer on in the house connected to the web, and usually there is more than one. The internet is used for business and personal email, keeping in touch with friends and family, looking up information of all kinds, and even shopping. It’s an integral part of life.
credits: by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com:
Mercado Salvage (background paper), AJC 2012 Parcel 28, Cartography Set 31 Color Wheels, Paperworn Art Styles
AJF Momeraths, custom font by Darcy Baldwin, Misprinted Type

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Snapshot 2012 - #15

Snapshot #15 is about your friends. I’ve done a few pages recently and over the years about the specific people who make up my group of friends, so I chose to focus on how Facebook has changed the way we all connect.

journaling: I’ll admit that I didn’t get Facebook at first. It seemed like just another place that I was going to have to check online every day. Maybe that was because it was the digi-scrapping community that embraced it so easily and much of what was in the forums at the digi-sites was duplicated at Facebook. Things have changed a couple of years later though now that so many people use it. Facebook is the first place I check in the morning after I glance through the email inbox. It’s not just scrappers I know anymore. I’ve connected with family members, high school and college friends, friends from around the world, and favorite businesses. It is the go-to place to find out what everyone is up to and going on, even with people I see in person on a daily basis.
credits: at scrapbookgraphics.com: Socialite by Ztampf! (Facebook fan freebie), Confessions of a Digi-Scrapper by Dawn Inskip, SBG Connect by Studio Girls; Appabet by Kim Jensen at The-LilyPad.com; Messy Date Stamps Vol. 2 by Michelle Coleman
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

July Scrapbook Pages

Where did the rest of summer go? I can’t believe the first 2 kids started school this morning. Usually I’m ready for them to go back to school, but not this year.

Stars&StripesForever2011  credits: by Michelle Godin at The-LilyPad.com: Oh My Stars, Red White Blue Alpha, Star-Spangled & Splattered, Keep Calm and Splatter On, Sew Artsy: Just the Stitches; Bent Frames by Kristy Schmidt; Messy Date Stamps by Michelle Coleman
font: Ticket Capitals Impressed

July4-2011  credits: by Michelle Godin at The-LilyPad.com: Oh My Stars, Red White Blue Alpha, Star-Spangled & Splattered, Keep Calm and Splatter On, Sew Artsy: Just the Stitches; Bent Frames by Kristy Schmidt; Messy Date Stamps by Michelle Coleman
font: Ticket Capitals Impressed

Melinda_DrWhoFan  journaling: I’ve been watching Doctor Who since middle school in the 1980s, and an avid follower ever since. I don’t always have access to the newest episodes, but I keep up as I can. There’s always something unusual, sometimes creepy, and typically funny. There’s no one quite like The Doctor. Of the 12 Doctors, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, David Tennant and Matt Smith have been my favorites, but I’ve enjoyed them all through the years.
credits: by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com:
Love the Doctor; Fun with Paper Pieces No. 1 by Fizzy Pop (retired); font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

For the speed scrap July 20 at TLP. I did this page in an hour. OK, after I spent about 30 minutes picking through the folders trying to figure out what to use to scrap with ;) I usually spend lots of time fussing with stuff, moving it around, trying different elements, obsessing over journaling, etc.Brenna_FeedingTime_7-4-12  credits: TLP Summer Stories, Amy Martin- A Bit More Mess 2, Darcy Baldwin- Stick It Dates; font: AJF Tweedle Dee, CK Journaling Condensed

So I totally screwed up these cute pictures of Sarah when I took them because I forgot to check what mode my camera was in before snapping away. Manual indoor settings for fluorescent lights do not work well in bright outdoor sun. Lightroom to the rescue! I started playing with some presets I usually hardly look at, and I found one that highlights the greens. Combined with the B&W settings it looks amazing, I think! Sarah wanted help getting into the tree and hanging upside down because she wanted to be a sloth for a few minutes. What a crazy kid!Sarah_HanginAround_7-20-12 credits: at The-LilyPad.com: Michelle Godin- Teeny Tiny Alphas, Amber Clegg- Date It, from May 2012 BYOC collection: Jenn Barrette- Naturally Organic Papers and Elements, Captivated Visions- Everyone Has A Story Papers and Elements
font: CK Journaling Condensed

journaling: Not much tops free cold drinks from Starbucks on a hot summer day, except running into a good friend unexpectedly at the same time.
credits: at The-LilyPad.com: Fresh by Sahlin Studios and One Little Bird, July '12 template freebie by Amy Martin; font: Old Newspaper Types

I have had sets of pictures for years of the girls embellishing the driveway, sidewalk, front porch, back porch… practically any pavement they could find around our house… with the wonderful summer concoction called sidewalk chalk. I never could find the right supplies to scrap them with though. I wanted concrete and I wanted chalk drawings- just like in the photos. I finally bribed my good friend and awesome digi-designer, Kim Jensen, into making me just what I wanted by sending her high-res photos of the various types of concrete and pavements around our house, our sticks of chalk and even a few of my photos for inspiration. It worked! She made me the perfect things to finally scrap these pictures with- thanks, Kim!! You can find Concretely Grounded and Chalk Artist in her shop at The-LilyPad.

PavementPicassos_4-9-10  credits: by Kim Jensen at The-LilyPad.com: Concretely Grounded, Chalk Artist; Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics; photo frames by Yin Designs; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

I think the Concretely Grounded papers will show up in lots of different pages eventually. One of my favorites is this one with the tire tread marks along the edge. It was perfect for recording the afternoon Bryce spent at the driving range he did at the end of his week of driving school this summer. Bryce_Drivingschool_6-24-12   journaling: Part of the driving school that Bryce attended this summer was going to their driving range on a Sunday afternoon. He learned how to get out a skid, practiced his general driving and parking skills, and learned a bit of the art of driving a manual transmission. He did well at them all.
credits: at The-LilyPad.com: by Kim Jensen-
Concretely Grounded, Rubdown {Eclectic}, Chalk Alpha - Black, Date It! Plastic Beads, Lauren Grier- Stripe Experiment, Kate Hadfield- Pole Position, TDC Collab- You Make Me Smile (template by Amy Martin); transparent glass style found on web
font: Rockwell Extra Bold, Segoe Print

I’m very excited to have a guest CT spot with Crystal Livesay during the month of August. I was able to get started during the last week of July, and I jumped right in :)

journaling: Brenna was surprised one July afternoon when I brought home a pair of new tennis shoes for her. Of course they weren’t just any shoes, they were purple and metallic pink Converse. I thought they might be a size too big, but when I find the shoes someone asks for on clearance they just have to come home. It turned out that they were the perfect size too. Brenna loves them!
Studio Mix 27 - Sublime Spirit and Sublime Spirit Extras by The Studio Girls at scrapbookgraphics.com; See The World Templates by Crystal Livesay at DesignHouseDigital; font: Ticket Capitals Impressed, custom font by Darcy Baldwin


The new addition to our family last weekend.RAV4_7-28-12 Journaling: We've been looking at cars off and on for several years since our Corolla and Sienna were starting to get up in miles and years. Finally with Bryce getting his driver's permit this summer it was time to seriously consider replacing or adding to the vehicle fleet. After deciding to focus on a replacement more for the passenger vehicle than the van, we settled on the Toyota RAV4. We purchased a 2010 ‘new to us’ Silver RAV. I love the way it drives as it's very similar to my beloved Sienna. It’s not as roomy as we are used to in the passenger area, but has more cargo space. I hope it helps ease the gas bill too.
Notable Quotables Collab by Design House Digital designers; Hands Across the Gulf Templates by Crystal Livesay at Design House Digitals
font: FO Giggles, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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