Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #24-26

Since the Snapshot posts got a little behind throughout the year, we were on warp speed in December to get them all up before 2012 came to an end. So, here are the last 3 pages to round out my Snapshot  2012 album. I guess I’m going to have to come up with some sort of cover for it now so I can get it printed and out of the virtual world.

Snapshot 24 is about the things you are thankful for right now. I listed a few along with a picture of the family at Thanksgiving this year.

journaling: Thanksgiving 2012- I’m so thankful this year for a family who loves me, good health, a place to live, clothes to wear, and enough for the extras that make living fun and special.
credits: Captivated Visions -
Captivated 2012 November and All Stacked Up Backgrounds Vol 7; font: Snowshoe

 Snapshot 25 asks you to write a letter to the future. I chose to write down a few things I want the kids to know. I hope I have made it clear over the years, but it never hurts to put it down in writing too ;)

journaling: A few things I want my children to know before they grow up and leave our house:
*Believe in yourself and what you can do. Too many things today try to tell us that we can have or do something if only we change ourselves in some way to fit an ideal set by society. We all have worth just the way we are. If someone can’t accept you like you are, then they aren’t worth your time and attention.
*Find the things you enjoy and are good out and then pursue them. It may not always be easy, but you should enjoy what you do and the people who you are around.
*Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. — Rikki Rogers.
Just the Way You Are by Blagovesta Goshova at; Grow With Love Letters- February by Crystal Livesay; font: CK Becky

Snapshot 26 is the final one, and it’s an all about me page to record who this snapshot of the year is about.

Snapshot2012-26whoamI  journaling: Being a Stay At Home Mom wasn’t in my long-term plans when I was growing up. I had planned a career, but once I held my first child in my arms my priorities changed. Right now my days are filled by and revolve around what the kids need and want to do. I get frustrated sometimes at having so little time to myself. It can be quite boring cooking and cleaning and being the family taxi driver.  When I start to think negatively, I remind myself that I chose this, and that I’m privileged to be able to be at home full-time. Above all, I’m happy to be able to be there for my family, even when it is not all roses. I wouldn’t have it otherwise.
Big Heart by Rosey Posey at; Grow With Love Letters- August by Crystal Livesay; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #23

Snapshot #23 is about vacations and/or what you do to relax. 

journaling: The older kids are to the age where they are very busy year-round, and we haven’t taken a formal vacation in several years now. Books are still my favorite escape from everyday life, if only for a few minutes. There’s not much I find more relaxing than spending the day on the couch engrossed in a good story.
credits: at
Shimmering Days by Lilas Designs, Once Upon a Time Storybook Nooks by Maya, An Open Book by Christina Renee, Once Upon a Time Fairytale Blue Alpha by Flergs, Once Upon a Time by Lorie Davison
font: Zapf Chancery, TXT Long Hand

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Snapshot 2012 #22

Snapshot  #22 is about your  favorite things. I’ve done this sort of page many times before, but it’s a fun one revisit since usually there are some new things mixed in with the old favorites.

journaling: I love the changing of the seasons from summer to fall
          I love the color plum lately
     I love pumpkin spice anything - pie, bread, lattes, cookies, etc.
                   I love seeing my kids learn new things at school
         I love hearing the birds chirping in the tree outside my window
      I love high school football and listening to the band
                I love seeing the hot air balloons on Labor Day weekend

credits: Captivated 2012 September by Captivated Visions at; October 2012 Foundations by Crystal Livesay
font: 2Peas Unforgettable, Century Gothic

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #21

Snapshot  #21 is about current technology and how we use it. I focused on the changes the technology of music has gone through in my lifetime.


Journaling: Music has always played a big part of my life. I remember fondly the first record player I received at Christmas. The Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Disney stories on LP kept me entertained in my room. As I got older the music changed to the Bee Gees, Sean Cassidy and Olivia Newton John. In middle school, boom boxes and cassette tapes became the standard music media. I made a few of my own mix tapes over the years by recording songs from the radio. In college, CDs came out and slowly took over the music market. Now in 2012 it’s mp3 files and instant downloads. I don’t know what will come next, but I’m sure I will go right along with that trend as it happens too because I just have to have music to listen to.
credits: at From My Journal: Limed Spruce Bundle and Limed Spruce Add-on by Captivated Visions, Studio Mix 12 Music & Me, Pinky Swear by Maya; Damaged Goods by Kim Jensen at; cassette tapes by Fuzzimo; Bring On the Music by Mgl (retired)
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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Monday, December 03, 2012

November Scrapbook Pages

Definitely a wintery feel to a lot of the pages this month. the photos are all from last year so far, but snow is coming to CO this weekend.

The end of October usually marks the end of our short autumn season. The first snow hit before the leaves had finished falling in 2011.

credits: A Blustery Day by Michelle Godin- part of the November 2012 Daily Digi Pack, Warp It Action by Wendyzine, Flergs Glitter Style, Let It Snow brush;
font: CK Becky

 WinterFrost_12-2-11 journaling: It’s one of my favorite winter events- waking up to finding the world covered with beautiful frost. It lasts a few hours before the temperature rises enough to melt it off. Until then, the world is a winter wonderland!
credits: Winter Wishes by TLP designers at;
April Foundations by Crystal Livesay at; glitter style by Flergs; font: CK Becky

B&S_Sledding_12-22-11 journaling: Whenever we get a big snow fall, Brenna and Sarah want to go sledding. Yes, they enjoy the sledding most of the time, but their little bodies just don’t last long in the bitter cold that comes along with the snow in Colorado. After walking to the hill we sled on and going down only a handful of times, they are done and ready to head home. I think they enjoy the warm cups of hot chocolate after we get home as much as the thrill of riding a sled down a snowy slope. It’s part of having fun in the winter snow.
credits: at Winter Wishes by TLP designers,
Snarky Snippets - BYOC November 2012 by Michelle Godin, Ice Ice Baby Cool by Amy Wolff; April Foundations by Crystal Livesay at; Blended Template 21 by Rosey Posey at; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

Brenna_BallerinaDreams  journaling: The first time Brenna put on a pair of dance shoes, she had found her love. While she enjoys tap and jazz a lot, ballet is her love. She is dreaming of dancing en pointe one day and working hard towards that goal. I see many years of ballet shoes and tutus to come.
credits: Studio Mix 33- Melange by The Studio Girls at
Kit, Stacked Papers, Add-on, Wordart; font: Vintage Typewriter

Christmas2011_ElvesMakingMe  journaling: Our three elves, Holly, Star and Chris, decided that we weren’t getting the Christmas decorations out fast enough this year so they decided to help. We found them the morning of December 2 in the guest bath putting the finishing touches on the mini porcelain tree. Chris got himself stuck in the box checking to make sure they had found all of the pieces.
credits: at A Christmas Tradition by Valorie Wibbens and Jenn Barrrette,
Christmas It! and Stringbats 2 by Kim Jensen, Grow with Love Letters - April by Crystal Livesay and Sara Gleason; Stick It Dates by Darcy Baldwin; Brush strokes by Michelle Coleman; font: SP Wonderful Wendy

We keep in touch with one of Mark's co-workers from his first job in Germany. He lives in France now that he is retired and is restoring and remodeling an old farm house in the French countryside. credits: Studio Mix 34- Old Man Winter and Studio Mix 34- Old Man Winter Add-on by The Studio Girls at; font: SP Toby Unleashed

Melinda_8-25-12 journaling: things I’m thankful for: *A husband who works hard to provide for our family. *5 healthy kids who are growing up to be smart and wonderful people. *A warm and secure roof over our heads. *The time and resources to be able to do the things we love. *Friends, both near and far, that fill my days with joy. *New ways every day that I can express my creativity in music and art.
credits: So Thankful by Crystal Livesay; at Kim Jensen- Bloomin' Twisted, Torn Kraft and Chipboard Alphabet Soup, Jenn Barrette- Wild Child patterns and Wild Child Mixed Bag, Amy Martin- Mended Frames 2; at Everyone Has a Story Elements by Creative Visions, Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter
font: CK Becky

November’s tutorials at Michelle Godin’s blog go in a more art journal technique direction. There’s a tutorial on layer blending modes and how to use them to build your own unique ‘art-journaly’ backgrounds for pages and projects. There’s also a bit on how to do custom shape embossing tossed in for good measure ;) I would love to have this tag be real so I could touch and feel it. There are times that I miss playing with real paper still.


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