Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Nutcracker with Ballet Idaho


I’ve taken the girls to see a local ballet studio production of The Nutcracker the last few years as one of our holiday activities. Last year during the intermission of the show Brenna told me that it was her ‘dream’ to be in the Nutcracker. What is a mom supposed to do but try and make something like that happen? ;) I knew that children from all across the city were able to participate in the production put on by the Springs Philharmonic with a professional ballet company as our dance studio had had dancers participate in previous years. What I didn’t know for sure was when the auditions were exactly. I’m not sure if it was fate or just luck that Wednesday morning in August that I sat down and read the newspaper sitting on the table, but that happened to be the day before applications were due for dancers to audition. I almost never sit down and read the paper like that from front to back. A quick confirmation with the girls after school to make sure they really wanted to participate and I got the applications emailed off on time the next morning, and auditions were the following Sunday afternoon. Elizabeth and Carissa just barely met the maximum height requirement this year and were assigned the roles of Big Mice. Brenna was given the role of a Mini Marzipan. Sunday afternoon rehearsals began in October. We saw some old friends from previous years of dance who had moved to other studios and got to know a few new ones too.

Nutcracker_10-23-11  journaling: The girls auditioned for roles in the Springs Philharmonic Nutcracker ballet with Ballet Idaho back in August, and now rehearsals are finally in full swing for this Thanksgiving weekend tradition. Brenna is thrilled to be participating in this professional show, and Beth and Carissa are getting into their Big Mice characters which are just a little wild and crazy. Having their tap friend Iyanno in the same cast with them adds even more fun to being in the show. It’s a lot of work for two shows, but lots of fun too.
credits: By Baers Garten at scrapbookgraphics:
Heart Song Mini, Magic of Christmas Kit, Layered Vintage Alpha Set 1, Everyday 365 Cardstock; Project 7 templates by JennV

Thanksgiving week found us at dress rehearsals and performances for this amazing show at The Pikes Peak Center. Working with the professional ballet company was a new experience, and overall the girls enjoyed it.

journaling: Since the mice were given the space in the hall for a dressing area they had to be extra quiet, but they still had lots of fun. We enjoyed the company of old friends as well as making new ones during the rehearsal times.
credits: everything at
Nocturne Economy Pack and Merry X-Mouse Elements by Berna Datema; Layered Templates Bundle by Lorelei Murphy, Santa Brings Goodies mini (garlands and ornaments, blog train freebie in 2010) and Feathers and Mittens (frame) by Lorie Davison
font: TXT Scribbletti and TXT Santa font

Beth and Carissa were the first 2 mice to come out of the pie safe when they came onstage. They are also the first 2 mice in the line in the middle of the soldiers in the top right photo. After that I lost track of them despite the number of rehearsals I had seen LOLNutcracker-Mice_11-26-11 journaling: Since playing the role of mice in the Nutcracker, Beth & Carissa have to wonder what the rest of the story would be if the Mouse King defeated the Nutcracker.....
Nocturne Economy Pack and Merry X-Mouse Elements by Berna Datema at; Template 213 by Yin Designs
font: TXT Scribbletti and Typewriter

Brenna was in Act 2. She was a Mini Marzipan. She is the little one on the far left of the ballerina circle in the big photo.

Nutcracker_Marzipan_11-26-1  credits: Studio Mix 14- Carnevale by SussieM, Lorie Davison and Miki Ferkul at; font: TXT Santa Font

As I was sitting and watching the second performance our girls were in I decided that I would bring them back for the evening performance so they could actually watch it. Beth and Carissa had been able to see the second act from the audience a couple of times by then since the mice were in the first act, but Brenna was in the second act and had to stay backstage for the whole performance.  They liked that idea, so go back we did Saturday evening after going out for dinner with the family. We had nose-bleed seats in the very top row of the balcony this time instead of the wonderful orchestra seats I had watched from the first time, but it was neat to see things from that totally different perspective too.


and I’ll end with a few more of my favorite other photos from the shows. I have a feeling that Brenna will be wanting to participate again next year. 2011_1126_Nutcracker-28 2011_1126_Nutcracker-32 2011_1126_Nutcracker-43 2011_1126_Nutcracker-60 2011_1126_Nutcracker-95 hurray! the mouse toy beats the Nutcracker during the party scene. One of the little things we loved about this version of the story ;)2011_1126_Nutcracker-100 2011_1126_Nutcracker-116 2011_1126_Nutcracker-128 2011_1126_Nutcracker-140 2011_1126_Nutcracker-220 2011_1126_Nutcracker-240 2011_1126_Nutcracker-252  2011_1126_Nutcracker-263 2011_1126_Nutcracker-274 2011_1126_Nutcracker-341 2011_1126_Nutcracker-368 2011_1126_Nutcracker-379 2011_1126_Nutcracker-411 2011_1126_Nutcracker-450 2011_1126_Nutcracker-470 2011_1126_Nutcracker-547 2011_1126_Nutcracker-594 2011_1126_Nutcracker-723 2011_1126_Nutcracker-737

The girls with their friend Isabelle at the cast party after the last performance on Sunday.2011_1127_Nutcracker-8

and Brenna with one of the Ballet Idaho dancers. I don’t remember her name, but she danced the role of the doll during the party scene, among other things.2011_1127_Nutcracker-9

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Elf Games 2011 have begun

Our trio of Christmas Elves made their appearance this morning, and brought some gifts along with them. The Head Elf realized a few of the gifts needed to come early this year so the kids could actually wear them before the holidays were over ;) Brenna and Sarah were eagerly anticipating the elves return this year.  2011_1201_Christmas-elves-1 2011_1201_Christmas-elves-42011_1201_Christmas-elves-8

A page about the Elf Games for 2010 and how it all started at our house last year. Christmas2010-ElfGames   journaling: I first heard about Elf on a Shelf from the mom of one of Brenna's friends in 2009, but I couldn't find it anywhere except online when I started looking. When I did find them the next year, I couldn't see spending $30 for an actual 'elf on the shelf' so I had these vintage elves from my parent’s ornament collection visit us instead during the month of December to keep an eye on the kids and report to Santa each night on how they behaved. These elves were among my favorite ornaments each year growing up and Megan and I would actually play with them- make them hammocks and have parties with them on the Christmas tree and whatever else we could imagine. They were well behaved and only moved around the house each night after reporting to Santa. All of the kids had fun looking for them in the morning when they got up. The kids named the elves Holly (red), Star (yellow) and Kris (green). What a fun new tradition to add to our holidays!
credits: at Ztampf!-
Elfenoel Pack, Thaty Borges- Magical Christmas and Magical Christmas Alphabets; Messy Date Stamps Vol. 2 by Michelle Coleman; DSD 2010 template by Crystal Livesay
font: CK Journaling Condensed

Here’s a page about the letter that Brenna wrote to Santa last year and his response. I  believe there is already a letter awaiting  delivery to Santa by Holly with more questions about the reindeer and how he manages everything during December.
credits: by Lorilei Murphy- Whistle, Up (frame), by Flergs and Amanda Rockwell- Happy Holly Days (alpha); Letter From Santa kit by Michelle Coleman; font: CK June Bug Louise

Special Thanks to 2 of the designers at SBG, Fhung and Lor, who listened to my plea for some elves to scrap my photos with and came up with some cute ones for me!

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November Scrapbook Pages

Sarah_OwlLove_10-25-11  journaling: Sarah's birthday gift from her school friend Keeley was this fabulous hand-made owl beanie. It was love at first sight for Sarah. She put it on and didn't take it off for almost 2 days. It turns her into a baby owl as well as keeping her head warm. It was a perfect gift for Sarah!
credits: at
Hello Friend by Blogasteva, Template Bundle 4 by Lorilei Murphy, Scattered Hearts by Flergs (owl and alpha)
font: CK Curly, FO Howie's stamps lowfat

Brenna_balletpractice_11-5-  credits: By Lorelei Murphy at Dance Deux Collection, Template 17; Messy Dates 2 by Michelle Coleman
font: TXT Sloppy Script, University Roman LET, Zapf Chancery LT

DMNS_RealPirates_6-5-11 journaling: We visited the Real Pirates special exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature and Science and were enthralled with the story of the ship Whydah and how she went from a slaver to a pirate ship, and then her untimely end off the north-east coast of the U.S. From the stories of her crew to the fabulous wealth of treasure uncovered with the crew, it was a fascinating afternoon of learning.
Haunting Pirates Collection by Ztampf! at
font: CK Pirate Hand

 B&C_WiiSing_8-14-10 journaling: Elizabeth & Carissa got to pick several new Wii games for their birthday and they chose Disney Sing It games- Sing It! and High School Musical 3. Everyone sings along when it is played and some enjoy dancing too.
credits: at Studio Mix 12-
Music and Me by Dawn Inskip, Iara, Thaty Borges and Q Studio, Music and Me B-Sides- Addon, Music and Me B-sides Word Strips ; Crystal Livesay: Jumpers 49-64 (used 62)
font: CK June Bug Louise, SBC Distressed Typewriter

Beth climbed up in our maple tree to get some pictures of the glowing red and orange leaves.Elizabeth_FallGlow_10-22-11 
credits: by Julia Makotinsky at
Warm and Woodsy, With All My Heart; font: CK Constitution

 B&C_BangADrumGroup credits: at scrapbookgraphics- by Em-ka: Jungleland, In The Grove; by SussieM: Secret Garden (moss); by Tangie Baxter: Field Notes (moss); Natural Wonders Collection Sticks and Stones by Jen Ulasiewicz, Instacarve Rock On Alpha by MGLscraps

B&C_BangADrum_6-3-11  credits: at scrapbookgraphics- by Em-ka: Jungleland, In The Grove; by SussieM: Secret Garden (moss); by Tangie Baxter: Field Notes (moss) Template 282 by Yin Designs; Natural Wonders Collection Sticks and Stones by Jen Ulasiewicz
font: TXT Scribbletti


journaling: Sarah is my little helper and any time I'm in the kitchen she comes and asks to help with something. Making cookies is a task she especially loves. This year she helped me make snickerdoodles for Dale’s Christmas cookies box one afternoon.
Deck the Halls by Kim Jensen and Kate Hadfield at and; freebie Halloween template 1 by Amy Martin
font: SBC Preschool, Technical

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