Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prima Coupon project

I grabbed the beginnings of this project back at the start of the month, intending to print and use the coupons as they were. But, like so many things I'd like to do there just wasn't enough time and it didn't get done before Valentine's day. Never mind that though, with the wonders of digiscrapping I just made an alteration to the cover coupon and voila! it's not just a V-day project anymore. My tips for altering the printable are posted over at the Prima blog for this project too.

I made two different envelopes from the Melody digital papers to hold the coupons. Here's a pic of the backsides of them.

digital credits: by Valerie Fowler at Valentine Coupons, Melody Papers, and Fancies 1 Silhouettes
traditional credits: by Prima Marketing, Inc.: Elysee Ribbons (#519513), Prima Fancies (#518813), Got Flowers Spring 2 (#506476), Got Flowers (#711252), Got Flowers Leaves (#506438), Clear Stamps (#830687), Build-A-Bauble (#400262), 6mm Center Kisses (#520700), Whispered Words (#812027), Postage Stamp Alphabets (#811709); Memories Chalks-a-Lots! stamp pad

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Tea ATC and Grab Bag for Anna

One of my fellow Crew members at Scrapbookgraphics is undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment. She's having a rough go of it so far :( One of her favorite things is tea, so the Crew decided we would shower her with tea themed ATCs through the mail as a way of expressing our support for her. Here's my ATC for Anna, which I printed, along with a couple of others I had made, and mailed to her today. I dug around on my EHD and found the "Chai Tea Latte" kit by Rina Kroes I bought and had never used, and this quote in the "Lime Tea" kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz. Chai Tea is my very favorite and one I drink all of the time, so it seemed particularly appropriate to use for this project.

The Scrapbookgraphics designers want to show their support for our dear friend too…and you can help!

The Studio Girls have put together a grab bag of goodies that you just won’t believe! It’s an amazing assortment of mini kits and elements at an incredible value! The grab bag will be available for two weeks only, so get it while everything is altogether at this great price (most everything will be available separately in individual studios later).

This grab bag includes contributions from Studio Maya, Studio Alana, Studio Baersgarten, Studio Birgit; Bluebell Designs, Studio Ellie, Studio Flergs, Studio Helene, Studio Lorie, Lotta Designs, Studio Manu, Studio mgl, O.N. Designs, Studio Phuong; Studio Tangie, Studio Traci, Studio Wendy, and Studio Ziska:

10 mini kits
5 alphas
2 element packs
1 brag book album
2 fonts
1 template pack
$7 coupon to Studio Maya
Coupon to Studio Helene, good for her next kit

SPOILER: To see the contents of the bag, you can click on the previews in the store.

Proceeds from the sale of this product will go to assist Anna with housekeeping and meals while she goes through treatment.

Thank you so much for your support of this project. Get well soon, Anna!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Richard portrait layouts

Since I can't get to most of my pictures easily right now, I decided to scrap a couple more portraits of Daddy as those are on my big EHD along with most of my scrap kits at the moment. I still have a lot of pictures left to scrap of his life, so it felt good to get a couple more done tonight.

credits: at scrapbookgraphics: A Boy's World by Manueala Zimmerman, stars from Psycho Magnet by Flergs, Playing With Wordart Vol 4 by Natali Designs; One Photo Wonders by Janet Phillips; fonts: Chisel Thin

credits: Apartment D by Flergs at; Bookplate Alpha by Christina Renee at CRD; fonts: Fulton Artistamp

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Computer troubles and a few new layouts

It's been almost two weeks since my laptop started locking up unexpectedly- usually in the middle of my trying to work on something. It completely freezes up and has to be rebooted with a cold start. Mark has tried everything he can think of, and nothing has helped or even let us figure out what exactly the problem is. He's reformatted the HD and reinstalled the operating system from scratch twice now and it is still doing it, so we are fairly certain at this point that it is some piece of hardware slowly going out- we just don't know which one. Every test we run says that each is fine and doesn't have any problems.....

So, we broke down and ordered me a new one on Monday from Dell. I was really trying to hold out and not get Vista, but I'm getting it now. If I really really hate it or one of the programs I use all of the time won't run, then we have an unopened copy of XP that Mark has been hoarding we can 'upgrade' the machine to. Dell has all of the drivers and info you need to do that on their website, so at least it should be easy to find what we need if we decide to try it. Unfortunately, it's going to be another 2 weeks probably before I get the new laptop. So in the meantime I've taken over the computer in the family room. It has PSE3 and CS on it- not exactly the state of the art but they work. It's been interesting, and frustrating, learning my way around these versions. The newer ones do things differenly in several ways and things I'm used to that make some things eaiser just aren't available in the older ones. I'm happy to have something to work with, though not having everything set up the way I want it makes it slow going sometimes. I have managed to get a few new layouts done this week, so here they are.

journaling: I love this old rocking chair- I was a baby who liked to be rocked to sleep, and even as I grew there was nothing more comforting than a few minutes sitting and rocking back and forth. I have the rocker now and it’s definitely showing it’s age, but that doesn't matter. It provided a seat for nursing my babies and comforting and rocking them to sleep. ~Melinda, Feb 17, 2009
credits: Lullaby by Birgit Kerr at; Blueprints {Bundle 2} by Tangie Baxter and Decrow Designs;
fonts: Natural Script

Yes, this really was her nickname when she was little :P She broke practically everything she touched! I used to send weekly email updates to family with the twins' latest escapades.
credits: by Kim Jensen at Damaged Goods, Spell It! Plastic Beads, Garden Pop [Exploded]; Templates with Attitude Trios 3 by Tracy Blankenship at; Sequin Spills by Rachel Young at Scrapartist; Road Rage Alpha and beads from Deep Blue Sea by Dani Mogstad at SweetShoppeDesigns; Worn Overlays by Manuela Zimmerman at scrapbookgraphics;
fonts: CK Constitution, Horse Puke

journaling: Brenna’s grin was huge when she finally found her valentine from Karina in her bag. She was so happy to have received one from her friend.
credits: Heart Sweet Heart Collection and Heart Sweet Heart Alpha by Dianne Rigdon at Scrapartist; P52 Week 7 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; 365 International Edition by Monica Guerra Leiria (mglScraps) at scrapbookgraphics;
fonts: CK Becky

journaling: Sarah loved playing with the playdough at church so much today, that I figured it was time to make her some to play with at home. We mixed up a new batch and got out the playdough tools and she went right to it. Brenna had fun playing too! Feb 8, 2009
credits: by Tracy Blankenship at Templates with Attitude Trios 3, Toolbox 13- A Boy's Life, Saltdough Elements Plain; Scrapdish Designers April 2008 Collaboration Kit; Fun Dough 1 and 2 by Jill DZines; fonts: Kindergarten

I can always tell what sort of day Brenna had a kindergarten by the expression on her face when I pick her up at the end of the day.
credits: Impressions of Imagination by Scrapbookgraphics Designers at; P52 Week 7 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; 365 International Edition by Monica Guerra Leiria (mglScraps) at scrapbookgraphics; sparkle, eraser and scissors from Pack to School by Helene Douchet at scrapbookgraphics
fonts: FO Imagination (from Impressions of Imagination SBG collab)

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Project 365 2009 - January

So far, so good this year. I've fudged a little with taking more photos on one day than I need and using them in a day where I didn't take one. It works for me, and that flexibility will help me keep this up, I think.

Credits: Ordinary Day by Bluebell Designs at scrapbookgraphics; 365 Project Templates by Amy Pearson; staples from Denim Blues by Flergs at scrapbookgraphics; font: CK Script

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

School Day Fun Layouts

Brenna has made it to 100 days of Kindergarten. They celebrated this big day on Friday with all sorts of counting activities. Thursday afternoon she counted out 100 pieces of cereal to bring in to combine with what the other kids brought for a special snack. She is very pround of her counting skills and did it for everyone several times yesterday in the van while we were driving Beth and Bryce to the orthodontist for their monthly appointment.
credits: Preschool Palooza by Emily Powers and Kate Hadfield at WeAreStoryTellers; P52 Week 6 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; 365 International Edition by by Monica Guerra Leiria (mglScraps) at scrapbookgraphics; Doodled Paper Alpha by Kate Hadfield; fonts: Kindergarten

Sarah has been getting up after all of the older kids have gone off to school already and she gets up asking where Brenna is, and then follows that with "I miss Brenna" or "I miss my sister." So we've been doing things to help her pass the time and not feel so lonely. One day we played the Hi Ho! Cherry-O game together. She is so cute and plays the game very well!
journaling: Sarah, you are just the most sweet and fun little girl. Today we played Hi Ho! Cherry-O together. It amazes me to see what you know already at the age of 3- you can count the correct numbers and understand the rules of the game, and you don’t mind when someone else wins the game.
credits: at 17 Cherry Tree Lane by Flergs and Tangie Baxter; Blueprints {Bundle 2} by Tangie Baxter and Decrow Designs; hearts from Angelic by SussieM; Lace from Everyday Essentials: Trims by Traci Sims; staples from Denim Blues by Flergs
fonts: CK Mou Saha, Broken 15

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Winter Cheer is up

Winter Cheer is up at Scrapdish, and the best part is that it is only $1 tomorrow for the Friday Special ;) 10 papers, 48 elements, and 2 alphas- what a deal! I completely reworked and expanded one of my first digital kits. The bright colors just make me happy, and the hat and mittens it is based on are being worn by Sarah this winter.

A little bigger look at what the alphas are like.

and if you want to get your winter fun scrapping done quickly, there is a set of 4 12x12 quickpages available too.

I think I forgot to point both of my contributions to the January and February SD collab kits too. So here they are. I've linked the previews to the full kits over at SD.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Childhood memories layouts

a couple of trips down memory lane with these layouts

Journaling: Whenever I see purple and yellow irises I think of Grandma Doris and her house in Oklahoma City. They filled the flowerbeds in front of the porch in the spring. When we moved to Washington, Momma took several bags of bulbs from Grandma’s flowerbeds and Daddy planted them on the side of our house. Over the years they filled the space and come spring the side yard was filled with beautiful irises that reminded me of her. ~journaled 2-2-09 by Melinda
credits: by Birgit Kerr and Flergs at; Templates with Attitude 19 by Tracy Blankenship at; fonts: CK June Bug Louise

I did this one for the Hodge Podge "Pictureless" challenge
Journaling: I can still hear the music all of these years later. I’ll admit there were quite a few things that I didn’t like about spending a vacation at Grandma Doris’ house, but I always looked forward to watching Batman and Robin in the afternoons at 3 o’clock. Grandma was usually working during the days, sewing clothing for her clients and she liked to watch the ABC soap operas.... Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives..... I didn’t understand these shows and was terribly bored by them. Then, she made us take a nap, which I didn’t like either (though now I understand that I have kids of my own). We could get up at 3 o’clock and the TV would be ours to watch what we wanted for the rest of the afternoon. Batman and Robin came on and was my favorite. I don’t remember watching it at home, just at Grandma’s house. The show was goofy with the written out exclamations, villains who never really hurt anyone, minimal dialog and very ‘70s music, but I loved it. I watched super hero shows and cartoons for many years, but Batman and Robin will always have a special place in my memories. -Melinda 2-2-09
credits: Super Duper! by Tangie Baxter at; fonts: Note This

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

weekend layouts

I did this layout for the SussieM playday at SBG tomorrow (I'm cheating and posting it just a wee bit early since Mondays are so busy it is hard to upload at certain sites). I pulled out one of Sarah's newborn portraits to go with the gorgeous Angelic kit. It could be used for love themed layouts too- a very versatile kit and the detail on the elements and papers is amazing!
credits: Angelic by Sussie M at, Playing with Word Art 7 and 8 by Natali Designs at; portrait by Roseanne Miske Photography
fonts: TXT Sloppy Script

Ms. Sarah loves cupcakes.... she hadn't eaten dinner in days because she just didn't like the look of what I was serving, but as long as there were cupcakes left for dessert last week we didn't have any problems at dinner time. I guess I need to make some more cupcakes this week ;)
journaling: I was taking pictures of the cupcake before I started to eat it and when I moved the camera up a little I see Sarah laying on the table watching the delicious cupcake closely. So, I invite her to pose for a few pictures with the coveted cupcake. She hams it up for me for several minutes, and I let her reach for the cupcake for a photo. The next thing I know, the cupcake is in her hands and she is taking a big bite out of the chocolate frosting- what a sneaky girl!
credits: Impressions Of Delight by Scrapbookgraphics Designers at scrapbookgraphics; A Little Eclectic 5 by Janet Phillips; Funny Stitches by Natali at scrapbookgraphics; cupcakes by Flergs (blog freebie); fonts: CK Chocolate Sundae, CK Extra

and I spent a lot of Friday night and Saturday putting together this page for the Circle Journal that the BBB ladies started last year. It's been the full year we allotted for the project and none of us are done yet, but we're easy going and that doesn't matter. We'll keep working on it until it's all done. I think I've done the most pages at this point with 8 of the 12 done so far. This page is for Tania's topic where we were supposed to scrap a quote about art. I chose this one:
Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that's why I made works of art. -Felix Gonzalez-Torres

I was trying to represent some of the types of artistic things I've one over the years both to amuse and express myself- sewing, beading, I had a brief love of macrame after summer camp one year, string art of all sorts over the years (remember the friendship bracelets, and decorating barretts by weaving ribbons around them?), cross-stitch, painting- mainly on ceramic pieces I spent lots of time pouring and cleaning, paper crafts of all sorts, scrapbooking- both paper and digital, and flower arranging among others.

by Nancie Rowe Janitz at scrapartist: Found Brushes, ATC Frames 2, Digital Distress Kit, Bits of History, PDQ
Autumn Glory Overlays, PDQ Bella Overlays, PDQ Canvas
Christine Smith at digitals: A Brush with Tea
Lauren Grier: Stroked Brushes
Weeds & Wildflowers: Paper Flowers, blue flourish from Morning Glory
Jen Wilson: Stitched Hearts and Arrows
AdronsCatherine: Once Upon a Sewing Room
strings: by kahamart IO Joy CTs addon, Flergs Troublemaker, Digifiles 1 from The Daily Digi
Rachel Young at scrapartist: frayed fabric templates
Kim Broedelet at DSO: Vintage Overlays 2 and 3
Jaime Young at FPD: Funky and Shabby buttons
Kim Jensen: pearls from Paradise Lost
Sophia Sarducci: Dimestore Beads, Nona Maria's Sewing Basket
Needles- Simplicity by Holly McCaig and Chocolate Covered Cherries by MGLscraps at scrapbookgraphics
Tangi Baxter at scrapbookgraphics: Sew Girlie
In Vogue by Scrapartist Designers
Sabrina Dupree: Color Theory Pink
Meredith Fenwick: Sweet Notions
Traci Reed: Rosebuds
Christina Renee: Recollections
Doris Castle: Special Times (Stitched Rosebud)
Dani Mogstad: Sweet Cupcake (ribbon rose)
Preschool Palooza by Emily Powers and Kate Hadfield at WeAreStoryTellers (paintbrush)
Melinda Staley: round gems
Kaye Winieki at The-LilyPad: All That Twitters elements and Maisy's Garden
Fonts: TXT Sloppy Script and TXT Abrasive

and I spent quite a bit of last week putting the finishing touches on a new kit that will make an appearance at Scrapdish next week. Here's a peek:

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