Sunday, March 29, 2009

a layout and some eggstreme art

ahhh, it felt good to scrap this evening. Rusty spent the afternoon with us, so I didn't get a lot done during that time. I spent a lot of yesterday catching up on my P365 layouts for the month, which meant lots more photo sorting instead of doing much scrapping. I will be posting those near the end of the week probably since we have a few more days left in March yet ;) I'm trying not to think about how much tagging I have to do in ACDsee now with all of the photos I took this month.

journaling: Beth and Carissa, there are some pictures I get of you two where it strikes me at just how fast you are growing up. We were taking a break for lunch during your first DEA dance competition, so you had your hair all done up and makeup on. It seems like just yesterday when you were toddlers and getting into mischief all of the time. Don’t grow up too fast- take time to enjoy the carefree days of childhood as they won’t last as long as you think.
credits: Impressions of Renewal by Scrapbookgraphics Designers at (coming April 1); P52 Week 13 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; Eye Love You Year Round by Berna Datema at;
fonts: CK Becky, Typewriter

and Saxon came out with a HUGE Easter themed collab with Tracey Monett at SBE today. I saw a piece of art on Eric Carle's blog a couple of weeks ago made with some of his old paint palettes (yogurt lids LOL) and the egg decorating pieces of the kit reminded me a bit of that. Mine's a bit messier than his though! LOL
Here's Eric Carle's version:

and here's mine:
credits: Duckys & Bunnys & Eggs, Oh My! by Tracey Monette and Saxon Holt at; Painters tapes by CD Muckosky at The-LilyPad; Messy Glitter Sprays by Micheline Martin from The DigiFiles 3

No, we haven't dyed any eggs for Easter yet this year. Everything on my art piece is digital ;) I'm thinking that is maybe an activity to do this week before spring break ends and all of the science projects and reports really kick in. I guess we will see if I can find a good deal on eggs.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

If I Can Dream- Opening Number 2009

This was the first year we took our recital opening number to competition. The kids did great, even with a false start because they forgot to let the judges know they had to put out the stage props. They earned a group platinum medal for their performance.

credits: Take Me Dancing and Layered Up In You- Scallops by Lauren Grier at SweetShoppeDesigns; LO template 102 by Yin Designs; Scruffy and Stripey Alpha by Kate Hadfield at The-LilyPad; Artistry Journal 2 by Fee Jardine at SweetShoppeDesigns; Lovey Dovey Dust by Kristin Cronin-Barrow at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: CK Becky

At the beginning, all of the kids come on stage and the groups one by one 'introduce' themselves before running off stage to wait until it is their turn to do their part. The Heartbreakers are at the front of the stage in this photo- Beth is on the far left and Carissa on the far right.
The four graduating seniors at our dance center get a special focus in the production. They're looking for trouble.....
The Heartbreakers return and dance to 'Heartbreak Hotel.' Carissa and Beth are in the back row in front of the gold curtains.

and then the boys all dressed as Elvis in different period appear from behind the curtain.... You ain't nothing but a hounddog crying all the time.....
They get down and dance with the Movers and Shakers... my hands are shaking and my knees are weak....
and then the Jailbirds come out and do some tapping for us to "Jailhouse Rock."

and then the older dancers come out and dance to 'If I Can Dream' to wrap it all up.
If I can dream of a better land, where all my brothers walk hand in hand, then why, oh why? can't my dream come true?
with the senior ladies getting a special few moments at the end.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Footloose Doll & La Luna pictures

Oh, I can tell I'm not as young as I used to be. The busy week and weekend just past have worn me out. It's been three days since we got home and I'm still tired- and I wasn't doing any dancing either. I've managed to get some of the photos processed. Thank goodness for batch processing in Lightroom- at least that was quick and easy. I've been trying out a little program that gets rid of noise in photos, and since I'm only using their free trial I have to do each one individually. I might just have to look into purchasing it if I can set it up somehow to batch process. I came home with over 300 photos just from this weekend and because you can't use a flash they all have lots of noise in them that needs filtering out. I evidently have a hard time taking photos that are horizontal too, so most of them need to be straightened and cropped as well LOL

Here is a LO I did with the pictures of the Petite Tap group doing their Footloose Doll dance.
Here's the music again, by Brian Setzer, if you want to listen along.

credits: Dusk to Dawn, Nightfall, and glitter style by Flergs at; fonts: CK Ali's writing

and since the pictures are a bit small on the layout, here are a few by themselves. Beth and Carissa form the back corners of the purple triangle. Derek and Madison play Eddie and the 'Doll' during the dance and do their own thing acting out some of the lines of the lyrics.
Beth and Carissa have moved to the second and third positions of the line in this photo.
Derek and Madison are working their way around the back of the formation at this point and the purple gals are having fun dancing in front of the stage. Beth and Carissa are still in the 2nd and 3rd positions.
Beth and Carissa are now in 2nd and 4th positions in this photo. Derek and Madison have moved in line with the purple gals and everyone is dancing together.
They all join hands and dance in a circle- Beth and Carissa are right there in the front, left and center.
and they all strike their final pose. Beth and Carissa are in the back of the group with their arms pointing to the right.

Beth and Carissa's friend Shannon, who is also in the Petite Tap group (she is in the center of the purple line most of the time), also performed a ballet solo during the competition. Here are the photos I snapped of her doing her dance.
credits: Stroke of Midnight by Annie Manning and Jofia Devoe, glitter style by Flergs; fonts: CK Script

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dance Competition results

It's late, but I wanted to show off our results of the dance competition today. I've got lots of pictures to sort through so that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Footloose Doll, their Petite Tap group dance, won a Gold medal and also 1st Place High Score for the Junior Division Line dance. The Opening Number, If I Can Dream, won a Platinum Medal.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

This week's layouts

I'll get these newborn portraits all scrapped eventually! LOL Dianne's new Shabby Love collection is divine!
credits: Shabby Love Collection and Impressed Character Reference by Dianne Rigdon at; For the Love of Space Templates by Amy Martin at; fonts: Zapf Chancery Light

and the rest of this week's layouts are all related to the many many hours we have spent at the dance place getting ready for DEA on Saturday.

journaling: The girls had been anticipating the arrival of their ballet costumes for weeks, and today was the day there were finally in! Everyone loved them and felt like the pretty garden flowers they are supposed to be in their dance.
credits: Spring View by Doris Castle at; P52 Week 11 template by Tracy Blankenship at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; Alphapalooza- Clearly Mixed by Corina Nielsen at FunkyPlaygroudDesigns; Circle Date Stamps Mini 2 by Christy Lyle at; 365 International Edition by Monica Guerra Leiria (mglScraps) at scrapbookgraphics; fonts: CK Becky

Beth and Carissa's tap group had fun decorating shirts together to wear to the big dance competition next weekend.
credits: at Toxic Pop by Monica Guerra Leiria (mgl Scraps) and Melissa Bennett; Poetic Cut-Ups: happy and Sad by Maya; Template Collection 28 by Jen Caputo; Girl Notes by Lauren Grier; fonts: Century Gothic

Yesterday afternoon was the dress rehearsal for the opening number, which is a medley of Elvis songs ending with If I Can Dream. The 4 guys are dressed in costumes representing some of Elvis' best known outfits. The girls are all in various forms of pink, black and gray.
credits: Take Me Dancing by Lauren Grier at SweetShoppeDesigns; LO template by Shawna Clingerman- SSD Advent Cookie Exchange freebie; Scruffy and Stripey Alpha by Kate Hadfield at The-LilyPad; music notes and treble clef from Pop Rocks by Dani Mogstad at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: CK Becky

Beth and Carissa are in the 'Heartbreakers' section, and dance to a bit of Heartbreak Hotel.
credits: Take Me Dancing and Layered Up In You- Scallops by Lauren Grier at SweetShoppeDesigns; LO template by JJorgensen- SSD Advent Cookie Exchange freebie; Scruffy and Stripey Alpha by Kate Hadfield at The-LilyPad; various hearts by Dani Mogstad (Sweet Cupcake, Crazy Little Thing, Crazy Love); pearl hearts from Shabby Love by Dianne Rigdon at scrapartist; fonts: TXT Soda Shoppe

Here are a few more shots of Beth and Carissa at the dress rehearsal yesterday.

and the final group shot I got at the very end of rehearsal yesterday. Beth and Carissa are in the corner there- you can see their backs, but they aren't shown in the mirror as I didn't have a good place to stand to get a pic of everyone- all of the dancers pretty much fill the room!

Tonight is the dress rehearsal for their Petite Tap group, so hopefully I'll be able to get some good shots of the whole group all dressed up. I have errands to run to pick up a makeup order for tonight and we are going to go get Brenna's birthday party stuff (and Bryce's too) before I forget and the coupon I have expires at the party store. I'm thinking we might have Brenna's party a couple of days early this year, which means it is really soon! LOL I'm playing in the Steve Green concert orchestra at Village 7 Pres and that is the weekend I would normally schedule her party. I'm thinking that might be just a bit too stressful to try and have it that weekend.

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flower ATC Trio

One of the projects I did for Prima at the end of February was an ATC trio with a flower theme. I was in an ATC mood I guess after I made the tea one for Anna. These are featured on the Prima blog today for the Hybrid Wednesday post.

Digital Credits: by Prima Marketing, Inc.: ATC backs from Ooh-La-La and Thankful For Color Hybrid Kits, digital files; Sprites 2- Yellow Silhouettes by Valerie Fowler
fonts on card #1 Flowers Dance: Rockford
fonts on card #2 Flowers Intoxicate Me: 2Peas Gimme Coffee, Bradley Hand ITC
fonts on card #3 Earth Laughs: Stampede, Vintage Typewriter

Traditional Credits: Sprites 2 Yellow (517250), Forever Flowers #1 (505745), 6mm Center Kisses (520700), Say It in Crystals (522056), Say It In Crystals Swirls (517328), Whispered Words Flocked Alphabets (812010 and 812027); copper glitter glue by Roseart, inks by Tsukineko, Inc. and Stampendous!

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Disney pages for Megan and Family

Scrapping sure goes faster when I don' t have hundreds of photos to sift through LOL! I did all but one of these yesterday. Some of the "On Vacation" kits are available now at, while some will be released throughout the rest of the month. They were all formerly available at the SophiaSarducci shop- a few have been renamed with the move to the new store though the kits are the same.

credits: Second Star to the Right by Saxon Holt at; glitter styles by Flergs and Linda Sattgast;
fonts: FontDinerDotCom

credits: Rabbit Hole by Saxon Holt at; fonts: Gigi

credits: Howdy Partner! by Saxon Hold at; Paper Strip Templates Vol 2 by Emily Merritt at WeAreStoryTellers; Americana Wood alpha by Michelle Coleman; fonts: Artistamp Medium

credits: Outta This World! by Saxon Holt at; Template Collection 24 by Jen Caputo at scrapbookgraphics;
fonts: Century Gothic, Impact

credits: Mouse House, Clusters of Magic, and Magic Stardust by Saxon Holt at; fonts: Walt Disney Script

credits: Vroooooom by Saxon Holt at; Screw from Uncle Vitos' Garage by Saxon Holt; Acrylic Alpha by Flergs at scrapbookgraphics; fonts: CK Newsclips, Arid ITC, Eras Demi ITC

credits: A Bite of the Apple by Saxon Holt at; glitter style by Linda Sattgast;
fonts: Walt's Magic Kingdom, Zapf Chancery LT

credits: Stroke of Midnight and Magic Stardust by Saxon Holt at; glitter styles by Flergs; fonts: ILS Script

credits: Under The Sea by Saxon Holt at; glitter styles by Flergs; fonts: Gigi

There will be more to come later! I need to go work on things for some other designers for a few days ;)

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